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Atlanta Public School Alumni & Parents Upset Gucci Mane Was Chosen As A Guest Speaker


Someone is getting fired. Last week, Gucci Mane made headlines when photos he shared online revealed that the rapper was a guest speaker at an Atlanta middle school. Now parents and alumni of the Atlanta Public School system are irate he was chosen to speak to the young students.

La Flare was dropping…ahem…knowledge to the kiddies at  Crawford Long Middle School’s career day. However, the “Lemonade” rapper’s lengthy criminal record did not sit well with parents and former students.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Leisle Moody, an APS graduate, said she was stunned to hear Gucci Mane was talking to kids, given his graphic lyrics and arrest record.

“How do you justify bringing someone who is not even at the top of his game in the rap industry, who has a rap sheet because he’s been in so much legal trouble?” she told Viteri.

Davis was arrested in 2008, has been in jail in Fulton County and most recently, in DeKalb County. Channel 2 Action News crews were in court with Davis in 2011 after police said he pushed a woman out of a moving car.

“I don’t think he was such a good role model. They could have selected another individual,” parent Kevin Hall said.

Some parents didn’t know about the visit. It sparked controversy on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, with many questioning who deemed the rapper an appropriate speaker.

An APS representative said there will be a follow-up with the school about the visit and added, “We want to make sure people who serve as role models to our students are in line with our ethical and integrity standards.”

Playing devil’s advocate for a moment, Gucci Mane is technically a role model considering he is a former (we hope) drug dealer who found success in the legitimate business of selling records. However, his extensive rap sheet, no pun intended, makes it difficult to justify bringing him in to a school when there are certainly less controversial artists out there that could speak to the youth.

Let us know where you stand in the Gucci as role model to the students debate in the comments.

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  • Atlanta Public Schools have alumni?

  • las vegas 4 gucci

    Gucci poochi is a fantastic role model for the kiddies! Brrr!

  • Images of Your Future

    Why not Ben Carson? Mae Jemeson? …sad. So so sad.

  • Jerome B.

    Tired of people blaming rap for everything. Gucci is a local name who is probably well known by the kids who attend. Let’s judge the message not the messenger. If his appearance helps at least one of those kids then it is justified. Most rappers are like actors anyway. Music is entertainment just like a movie. There may be some personal experience mixed in there, but it is mostly fiction. I do not believe there would be this type of uproar if Denzel came to speak to the kids even though he played a drug dealing murderous cop in Training Day. Cut Gucci some slack. At least he is trying. What have you done to inspire or kids lately? Last point. Parents are the real role models. What examples are you setting.

  • Mr. Unanimous

    Why don’t you ppl leave Gucci alone! He done paid his debts to society and everybody deserves a second chance and who are those parents or anyone else to judge any one, the only person who can judge him is God and the last time i checked, those parents aren’t God!

  • I believe

    Rappers are smarter than u think they are just because the do bad things does mean they are bad people Gucci mane a local name in Atlanta kids probably look up to guccimane in Atlanta so yes Gucci mane should be a role model