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Jen The Pen Says “I’m White, Honey It Will Get Done” On Love & Hip Hop New York [VIDEO]


Jen The Pen has some explaining to do. During last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, the Staten Island native got into a heated argument with Raqi Thunda about hosting a radio show together. Near its conclusion it resulted in some uncomfortable banter surrounding the advantages of being a white girl in society and race in general.

Early in the show, Jen The Pen and Raqi Thunda auditioned for a spot on Hot 97. The former felt a ways because she felt like the latter dominated the convo and shut her out during the segment. Of course the two tried to talk things out, which quickly turned into petty and loud arguing.

After Raqi threw in a verbal jab by saying, “Have fun trying to get hot,” Jen The Pen responded in kind with, “I’m white, honey it will get done.”

Say what now? Seems like Jen was invoking white privilege, which will not win you points when you throw it in the face of a person of color, on a show whose cast is dominated by them. Just saying.

Said Raqi during the post-fight interview, “It felt like Jen dropped a bomb on me when she said that she would get the job before me because she was white. All this work I did, I’m not good enough because I’m not white? Are you f-cking kidding me?”

Right. But Raqi isn’t totally innocent here. During the actual fight the words got uglier with Raqi channeling her inner George Jefferson and calling Jen an “entitled honkie” as she walked away with Consequence’s girlfriend retorting with a sarcastic “I’ll get on with my whiteness.”

Watch the argument below. Tell us what you think of their exchange in the comments.

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  • whocares

    well…Raqi kept throwing those “Goldie Locks” comments at her, she has a reason to say something like that just to piss Raqi off. It’s funny.

    • Whocares is a white racist

      ‘Goldielocks’ is a reference to her hair, didn’t warrant a racist comment. You must be white.

      • multiperspect

        However Raqi did throw out a racial slur as well

  • Oh Wow

    smh …and this is the type of white woman black men want..

  • Yeame

    I laughed! Who cares and I’m ALL the way black

    • Liv

      you are a fool.

  • Meezy

    Thats that NY ish. Ya’ll let that happen. In da South, there is no way a chick will get away with some mess like that.

  • too funny

    i thought she threw the white back at Raqi because when they did the initial interview for the radio job – Raqi was selling Jen as the “white girl”…..she said it twice and even made a comment along the lines of – i’m raw and (blah blah blah)….but she’ll “white” me

    • Crazy World

      I agree. Raqi referred to her race on a number of occasions and then got mad when Jen threw it back. oh well…

      • Ronie

        I agree, Raqui thought it would be easy to intimidate Jen with her ghetto antics, but when Jen finally defended herself and just threw what she said back at her, it was a problem? She’s just mad that she couldn’t walk all over Jen and got told.

  • No one can be that ignorant, and on top of that have a black husband in a biracial child. I just feel like that had to have been taken out of context.. I jus watch it to get a glimpse of that lil mandeecees. Him so cute. Y’all see Erika channel’n her inner jlo. When did singing alright become good enough? Funny gotta luv L&hh

  • Dorothy2

    Anger will make you say what’s in your heart. I’m glad the dummies are get tricked…. What the heck kind of muslim is consequence? SMDH and Laughing and these dummies!

    • Beaujetto Chicks

      Im with you on that

  • Black Love

    Consequence gets no respect for f’ing white her.

  • Black Love


  • Beaujetto Chicks

    and her dude claims to be muslim…please shes racist and hes fake ..they both has beens and they both the ugliest people on televison

  • Artsyfemale

    The whole cast is SUPER WACK !!!!! The only person that get a pass is Yandy b/c she bout her business….now that pedafile bd of hers is another story. As far as Jens “im white” statement, it just proves what a lot them are REALLY thinkin.

  • jason

    Black people are hypocrites any time a white person says anything it’s racist but let black person say something then it’s okay

    • STFU_Hater

      Thank you. and I am Black !

    • do u know HISTORY…REALLY

  • Brooklyn

    Please… Stop being mad @ Jen. Raqi should have stopped throwing her out there like she was the token white chic. In NYC it works bothe ways.

    • Trueth

      White Privlage is still real, it is not cool or ok, and not just “getting back” at someone for caling her goldie locks. It proves that in her soul she believes she is better than and more deserving of promotion because of her “race.” This statemet can not be defended. Statements made in anger show true feelings. She and her baby daddy should be ashamed. Her child will have to grow up in the world she is perpetuating.

      • STFU_HATER

        I never judge someone when they are mad, when some one is mad, that doesn’t really mean that they show their true feelings, people say hurtful things to people when they are mad to hurt the other person’s feeling.

        I don’t agree, maybe she is not right for saying it but in reality, she is more then likely to get the job because she is white. She they could be harsh words but in the end it speaks truth.

  • Paul Mooney

    Raqi just had a n1gger wake-up call.

    • BeckyGrey


  • all is fair in worded beef. say what you want just don’t touch me or its on. White/Black…so, Im a native nYer, I’ve heard it all from every race. #Next

  • MultiPerspect

    I am a Black female, and I get why people are upset about Jen’s comment, however I think she just reminded Raqi of the type of society we live in.

  • white trash

    This is what all of the black guys that spend their money on white women need to hear and see. This is really what these white people think of you. Everybody knows that the only kind of white woman who dates black men is the kind like this dirty looking woman who a nice white guy would NEVER date. Look at Kim K. dirty, Coco, Dirty, white trash… That’s why they are with these black guys..