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Allen Iverson’s Atlanta Mansion Sold In Foreclosure Auction [PHOTOS]


Allen Iverson is now short one home. The former NBA star’s Atlanta mansion has been sold in a foreclosure auction. 

The ATL crib was originally on the auction block back in early December, but A.I. was able to stop the proceedings. Nevertheless, TMZ reports the mansion has been sold by the bank for $2.5 million.

Allen Iverson is officially mansionless — TMZ has learned the former NBA star’s Atlanta home has been sold off in a foreclosure auction.

TMZ broke the story … Iverson allegedly defaulted on a $1.2 million mortgage which sent the $4.5 million home into foreclosure. He briefly fought off an auction … but ultimately, he couldn’t stop it.

Sources close to the sale tell TMZ … Iverson’s bank purchased the mansion yesterday for $2.5 million.

A couple of weeks, Iverson’s bitter divorce from his high school sweetheart, Tawanna, was finalized. She received a $3 million dollar settlement as well as child support and other benefits. However, the judge used the signing of the divorce decree as a moment to let Iverson know he felt his role as a father to the former couple’s five children has been deplorable and suggested the VA native was an alcoholic.

Check out photos of A.I.’s now former Atlanta mansion in the gallery.

Photo: Reebok

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  • DeAndre Marshall Sr


  • Great player , not so much anything else. Look at that pic of him , anyone dressing like that over the age of 12 doesn’t deserve a “mansion”.

    • If they don’t dress that way, no one will recognize him.

  • gripster

    Clothes don’t make the person ” dumbAss “

    • Ich bin das Es

      Actually, there is saying that goes “Clothes make the man”.

    • I am always amazed at the black athletes, who for the most part, come from humble beginnings as kids, and progress to millionare status, as professional athletes, and have to buy, not a nice home, but a freakin MANSION, for god’s sake. WHY? From a cold water flat, and two and three kids sharing a bed, to a thirty room, fifteen bathroom mansion.? Perhaps, they all should remember, whence they came from.

      • Yes black athletes are the only ones who when they get rich buy mansions. clueless

      • Who said that? He said they are the ones who wind up bankrupt when their career is over, they havent learned that just because you grew up with someone does not mean they are your friend. And those who let their “Uncles” manage their money deserve to lose it all, never let family handle your finances, always get an independent firm to handle your affairs.

  • r

    blind love for too many has led to this along with loss of reality. unfortunately no one was strong enough to tell him he needs to be careful with his money. SAD!!!!

  • Couldn’t happen to a dumber person…He will die on the streets…Too much Posse….What a dumb ass….He can’t help it…

  • amyskene

    Who’s surprised? I guess he’s headed back where he came from. Good thing he’s built up all of that ‘street cred’. He’s going to need it. Sad thing is he’s another brother failing to be a father. Ya’ll needs to get your s–t together.

  • Tony Homa

    Gotta love the strategy from his wife. Keep pump’n out kids he’s not interested in , but what an investment for her! Dumb and Dumber.

  • The only things we really know about Allen Iverson is that he was a great player and he had disdain for practice. Who are we to question how he spent his money? I thought this was America and if you want to blow your wad then thats your choice.