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Rapper AP.9 Says He Slept With Ice-T’s Wife Coco Without A Condom [PHOTOS]


Ice-T didn’t sign up for this. Rapper AP.9 is now saying that he indeed slept with Nicole “Coco” Austin, the OG rapper and actor’s wife.

The drama all started when photos of Coco and AP.9 hugging and squeezing on each other at a club in Las Vegas made it onto the Internets. Ice-T caught feelings and let it be known, Coco apologized and the whole time AP.9 has been talking ish.

The rapper few have ever heard of until this predicament spoke to Star magazine about allegedly getting down with Ice-T’s queen. “I first met Coco at Surerender [sic] nightclub in Las Vegas,” AP.9 said. “She invited me back to her table; I had a couple of drinks; we exchanged numbers. I could tell we had a physical attraction.”

From there, things only get worse, fast.

“She asked me, ‘What are you doing after the club?’ I said, ‘I’m probably just going to get a room and stay right here.’ She said, ‘Well, I’m going with you.”

But the most explosive allegation: “We had s-x,” AP.9 says. “I don’t know who made the first move. It wasn’t making love; it was just s-x.”

Another bomb: “We had s-x unprotected. I really hope she isn’t pregnant!”

Now unless AP.9 has a freaky flick of his supposed encounter with Coco, it’s his word against hers. The latter said last week that she won’t be explaining anything to the press, after a photo of her getting felt up by another dude made it online, because the only opinion that matters is her husband’s. Last the media heard from Ice, he was calling them trolls.

In the rest of the interview with Star AP.9 also went on to say that he spoke to Ice-T and after the “Colors” rapper insisted his significant other would do no such thing, told him that he did sleep with his wife.

Cold world.

Check out the now infamous pics in the gallery. Who do you believe?

Photo: Instagram

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  • jimmy

    Ice it’s time to move on get another freek this one’s gone rogue.

    • JP

      I like riding blk ccok.

  • Jazzy G

    WOW !!! This ain’t good on any level …

  • Carol hoousendove

    CoCo you are a goner Ice made you now you have to go back to where he found you. You are married you never never take pictures that close unless he is your husband. Ice t will be out of your life this year.

    • Rain Rain

      Lls hell yeah her man lookn @$$ !!!

  • this dude is such a gossiping snitch! Coco didnt touch this dude

  • kena gillings

    she carries herself like a hoe why would a so called happily married woman let different dudes feel her up in public she is a attention seeking hoe.

  • Barry Barber

    You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. The was game being taught in the 90s


    Don’t believe this nobody for a second. Riding coattails all he doing.

  • Bubbah

    Smells like a publicity move. Ratings must be way down. AP.9 was probably PAID!!

  • chicka

    I know coco ain’t that stupid to f*ck that no name lame *ss fool..he’s just trying to get attention. That’s why the pics are out there like that.

  • boondoxsaint

    Hell naw,ice say it ain’t so…ap who?wth.they both need to be washed with 409.she the next Kim k.,like a Blount,take a hit and pass..

  • Jsy B

    Coco is not that bright I guess. These weren’t professional photos and you don’t take intimate “looking” photos like that if you’re married. Whether she did or didn’t she put herself and ICE T in an embarassing situation. It’s always going to be “did she?” in the back of his mind.

  • ThEsENuTz

    She a dirty hoe’ she’s fu*#@-n T; ap9 n me at the same damn time..

    • BunnyOle

      You wish.

  • Tyrone Lindsay

    Hebrews 13:4 marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefield but whoremongers and adulterers god will judge.

  • Rain Rain

    Thats messd up that a pic like that even surfaced i bliev dude bcus if yr married u dnt do ish like that he needs to divorce her jus for the pic bcus this shows she slept wit him she not even cute anyway !!! men need to stop marrying fake boobs an marry real women lls !!!

  • mac

    She’s a hoe just like all white bitchs

    • That’s funny cuz ive seen more black hoes than white ones! And dont get it twisted…im mixed.

      • Shayla

        How ignorant…

      • Well I don’t know where you been looking lol

      • Mixed with What?

        “….im mixed” Tha’ts the self-haters anthem!

      • So, was your momma white or black?

      • Hemp

        I find mixed hoes to be so mixed up and confused.

    • mahaa malika

      Really at least white b’s don’t have 10 kids by 10 different baby dads

      • That’s a lie, yes those hoes do too

      • hate racist all die slow

        True true true

      • Gerardo Ferrer

        hey stupid didn’t you read the article last week there was a black dude with 14 kids and couldn’t pay child support.

    • Prettyyoungthing

      Ur clearly a Racist! I’m a classy white woman who is down with men of depth, and intelligence, regardless of color!! I would never dress like Coco because I think it’s trashy and cheap looking, nor would I screw some tacky nobody…but just because she is acting a fool, do not lump all white chic’s together, it’s ignorant and stupid!


        Honey, why are you arguing with the “dinosaurs”. I know we wish they were all extinct, but be patient, they’re going fast! Another generation or two and GONE!

      • No your not a hoe but u sound like a golddigger and majority of women regardless of race either or shallow golddiggers or snobs.

      • Rhonda Smith


      • Jessica2248

        sounds kind of bitter. your woman leave you for a man with money or something? not all women are like that. and from reading her post…she mentioned being classy and intelligence, over trashy and tacky…..neither of which has to do with money.

  • amaya0828

    A little advice….. a woman will never admit to cheating… why would AP.9 lie….he knows a hoe when he sees one…thats why he slept with her…..everybody knows white people cant be trusted……Ice “t:” she did it..either accept it or move on…..

    • mahaa malika

      White ppl can’t be trusted lmao.

      • gringo mandingo

        white can be trusted…to f u over!!!!

      • Rhonda Smith


      • justbefrank

        Yeah look at the white in Eric holder and Crapbama..

    • Cracker

      Don’t like white people, get back on the boat to Africa!

      • lizzy

        dont like black people, yall should have never taken us from our original homes

      • historyphd

        Your own kings from africa came up with the idea to sell Africans. just saying. greed and ignorance is everywhere.

      • Jeffery Jones

        why did whites even want slaves?Too lazy and stupid to survive the “new world” on their own.The Natives were laughing at them,but pitied them and helped and received RESERVATIONS as thanks

      • Aang


      • DMan

        Watch your mouth, LIZZY. That was a stupid & ignorant comment!!!

      • Aang


      • Aang


      • Daughter of the King

        Well you should get back on the boat to Europe then.. lol

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      • justbefrank

        they dont want any more cockroaches there either

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      • Carl Bomont

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      • Aang


    • Jessica2248

      you sound real stupid. so is it true when white folks start talking about how only white men are fathers to their children?? entertainers lie all the time, just so people can have something to talk about and keep them in the spot light. although i have no idea who that fool is.

  • Tommy

    I believe it. And ice t has always maintained a hoe type woman. It is over.

    • Aang


  • Guest

    She is posing for the camera. ..what goes around comes around! ! AND if you notice they both wearing different clothes in some of the pictures.. so it don’t look like it was just ONE night!

    • Aang


  • jeanie

    ICE needs to kick her to the curb, hoe don’t deserve a good man like ICE……How would she feel if the shoe was on the other foot? He has been to good to that hoe for that kind of crap….Lot of Ladies out there would love to be with ICE……I say let the hoe be on her way !!!!!!

    • Jboogie

      I think nobody knows what happnd but Cocco and AP. If AP was that desperate for some attn im sure he will get the attn of Ice Ts gun! Ice may be old but he loves Cocco and im sure he hates that guy more than anything now. if they did or didnt its too late. AP shouldnt of ran his mouth. Ice knows he cant let this go.

    • Truth

      It’s not like Ice-T has never killed anyone. He has.

      • Aang


    • Aang


  • Lil Pebbs

    I don’t think she’s that stupid…sounds like dude wants the get his name in the headlines

    • Aang


  • ill

    These hoes are for everybody white or blk.. js

    • Aang


  • really

    I like how it comes down to a racist matter…wonderful world we live in still….a hoe is a hoe no matter their color…people need to stop looking at the color of someones skin, that’s what causes problems

    • jocelyn

      I agree hoes r hoes it doesn’t matter what race. There are hoes from every country. I live in Wisconsin and I have seen all different races with more than 5 kids and from different bby dads.

      • Aang


    • Aang


  • lyte

    Who gives a damn!

    • Aang


  • lyte

    Wht? White hoes blk hoes? Wht the hell this world coming 2, if a woman carries herself with class, why is she identified by color? But hey if she wanna be loose, then thts her perogative! ICE T am sure you’ll live thru this

    • Aang


  • Its not a Race issue..ALL WOMEN are hoes these days, except for my Momma and my sister lls

    • Joe D

      Actually, me and the homeboys ran a train on your sis…she loved it.

      • Aang


    • jocelyn

      ok who wouldn’t say dat duhh.

      • Aang


  • Bubbabooth1

    Well ice t you sold out years ago, and
    now you got played, ha

    • Aang


  • haywood

    Back to the trailer park you go…….

    • Aang


  • paydin cash

    He’s actually very well known n the .. bay,area.. So he’s not exactly a nobody

    • Aang


  • michael sanchez

    Ice getting played and right in his face too.

  • notme

    Dude guys chill! A hoe is a hoe no matter her color! A player is a player no matter his color! I’m white and I’ve seen on these replies I can’t be trusted, I’m trashy, and I’m a hoe! I’m 23, been with one person my whole life, going on 6 years. Have a daughter I seet an example for, and another on the way. Rumors are rumors, however she is married and shouldn’t be remotely close to another man like that! I’m a huge fan of Ice, I really hope this isn’t true but if it is I hope he figures it out. He deserves better if it is. But come on guys. Ice doesn’t hate on race, so why should you?

    • Aang


  • ac

    Fuk this hoe up ice n fuk his mouth up too, hegot di reha mouth

  • gringo mandingo

    she looks like a tranny

  • jay 1

    Dump her theres a 10000 CoCos

  • jay 1

    Dump her theres a 10000 CoCos

  • vmann

    Yo. Ice. This is what she do when your back is turned???

    • Aang


  • Imani

    It is his word against hers. BUT…married women should not let other men rub on them like that, much less pose for pictures, because that is disrespectful to her husband. AND…real men do not “kiss and tell.” This guy want publicity.

    • Aang


  • Nate Higgers

    These Chimps lack any self-control or restraint..Hopefully a mutual gun battle will erase them from ever having to hear of them again..KneeGrows are soooo repugnant & ignorant.

    • Aang


  • I’m next

    Flavor Flav & Dice Clay also shared her at the same time..Mike Tyson also nailed her.

    • Aang


  • Frank Ocean

    I blew Ice-T in a van last summer

    • Aang


  • Don

    Must be the rutting season in wildlife land…

    • Aang


  • Me, Myself & I

    They didn’t use a condom & he hopes that she isn’t pregnant….Lawdd Gee-us now that’s foul!

  • BrainWash_A_NiGGa

    he got them HERPES!!! Stroking that hoe like OOOHHHH Ahhhhhhhhhhhh OOOHHHH Ahhhhhhhhhhhh POW!

  • Does this guy have a death wish or something?

  • hey ,if you are low enough to screw one niqqa, you are low enough screw them all, along with farm animals etc.

  • it ain’t no thang, when a brotha scores a YT biotch he be expected to pass it around to all the homies, unowutimsayen?

  • edinvestor1

    I guess she is what she looks like!

  • RatchetAssHoes

    The thirst is unquenchable

  • Nay

    Only a hoe ways can go undercover only for so long …

    • Aang


  • db2b2

    More power to AP.9…I would have thought that he could have done better than that.

  • Ready Set Go

    Ice MF T is going to have to do his thang.

    • Aang


  • bcmugger

    Stupid white women amaze me.

  • This is an accomplishment to brag about?

  • rosegorgeous

    No self respect whatsoever. People nowadays are like meat in a meat market being touched by everyone ( yuck yuck yuck). STDs here we come……smh………….

    • Aang


  • Mg

    He forgave her but the guy fucked her for sure.

    • Aang


  • photoblaster

    These folks are trash, I’m outta here.

  • I would’ve dumped her just based on the first bar pic with any man, alone! She’s a skank and Ice-T a fool if he keeps that trash! And who would that say more about?

  • Pipeco

    yeah… i’ve been listening to and buying Ice-T’s records since LONG before his song “Colors”. i didn’t just get hip to Ice-T in the last decade or two. and anyone thinking this issue phases Ice-T, DOESN’T know Ice-T. Buy ALL of Ice-T’s albums, listen to them, then ask yourself if you think this is bothering him. whether true or false.
    M@#!er F&%#!er Pleeeease, he’s Ice-T. Ain’t nothing colder than the Ice.

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    If my lady would do this to me she will be kick out of the house and would beat the crap of the man, I would say that 90% women have an affair.

  • Guest

    Whoever said they’ve seen more black hoes than white needs to check the nearest locker room. White girls just try to hide it more, because of where they come from.

    • Aang


  • Chris Squire

    Boy this hack’s all class.

  • BunnyOle

    Wow, what a swell guy – not! What kind of garbage is he? Disgusting.

  • BunnyOle

    He’s a liar and he’s gross.

  • Scotty

    Ice probably can’t get it up no mo’. so he eats the creampie out of her when she gets home. Ya never know what the truf is.

  • Guest

    He Slept With Ice-T’s Wife Coco Without A Condom is something to brag about? I hope you get a disease cause if she so called slept with you with no protection I’m sure she did elsewhere. I hope you get Aids! Most dumbest thing to brag about LOL and I hope she gets it also if she did… To Ice T other fine ladies out there….

    • Aang


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    cheap car insurance……

  • Lambyboo

    This is why you dont marry trashy hoes.



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  • JeannieCollum

    Naw thats a lie.

  • Anonymous

    Once a hoe always a hoe

    • Aang


  • Nathan Rodriguez

    Not my type. Too much plastic.

  • Aang


  • mizz new money 2u

    He HIT it…and?

  • Jessica2248

    Really dude?? You just had to get that out huh??

  • Bruce Wayne

    I hope she is pregnant…
    A: We will have proof.
    B:The lord put them in that bed with her legs open.