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Former Illinois Congressman Slams Michelle Obama For Attending Hadiya Pendelton’s Funeral


Former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh believes Michelle Obama made a bad decision by attending the funeral of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendelton. The Chicago teen performed at President Obama’s inauguration and was gunned down near his home in the Windy City. Given the hundreds of homicides that have happened in the city over the  last year, Walsh feels that the first lady should have paid the same respect to other victims. “‘Heartbroken’ Michelle Obama attending funeral of Hadiya Pendleton. I guess the other 553 murder victims didn’t break her heart,” he tweeted.

The former Tea Party figure also wondered if Mrs. Obama going to the funeral was more political than sincere. “Most of the 553 Chicago murder victims in 2012 & 2013 were young black males. Is she attending this funeral to make a political point?”

Although he usually doesn’t call the first lady to the carpet, Walsh’s has a history of  not holding his tongue when it comes to the president. His critique adds to growing outrage over  the president’s failure to address the shooting epidemic in Chicago. The Black Youth Project launched an “Obama Come Home” petition, urging the commander in chief to go to Chicago. They are hoping to get 50,000 signatures.


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  • Rosemary Davis

    I didn’t think that Michelle should have gone to this young girl’s funeral either but she and the President caved in under pressure from people like Jesse Jackson and others if they attend one then there will be other parents who will expect the same.I feel bad that so many young people in Chicago and accross this nation are loosing their lives to senseless killings and her being at this Funeral is not going to stop it.Tthe streets of chicago is owned and runned by thugs and until they want to make adjustments and turn their lives around for the good than nothing will change,niw if they want to do something perhaps the leaders of Chicago like Jesse Jackson can organize a public memorial for all who have lost their lives within the last decade and perhaps ask the president to speak.

  • the streets

    you sick mf’s why the hell cant she go to this funeral you as holes. I mean you are the scum buckets of the earth, right along with the person that pulled the trigger you sickos. how could you “feel” she shouldn’t go? karma is a beast and that’s y walsh didn’t get reelected and never will so he needs t stay home and STFU!

  • d. smith

    who has time to attend hundreds of funerals??? this death was especially horrid because she was so young, and she was killed senselessly. i see the first lady’s visit as an acknowledgement to all of the gun violence and death. hadiiya’s death was the final straw. instead of critiquing/analyzing each and every gesture or comment from the president and his wife how ’bout joe walsh take some initiative and step up i some capacity and offer some kind of solution to what we all see as a real epidemic. instead, of finding fault in what other ppl i politics feel moved to do. maybe joe’s comments are motivated by is own saltiness at how his career is going.

  • jimmy

    Hey dude screw you If she were white you would have nothing but praise for her.