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Drake Done Did It: 15 Essential “Started From the Bottom” GIFs [PHOTOS]



The Bentley interior is getting snowed on. Drizzy clearly the cash flow for a fresh detail.

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  • Becls

    The lyrics should really be
    “Started from the bottom of the rich part of Toronto now I’m here yea)

  • Britt


  • Notclueless

    Don’t talk about what u don’t know about. If you may get a start, be humble and happy u got one. Just cause he didn’t sell cr@ck to someone’s mama. I’m suppose to hate on that fact.? Cause he wasn’t completely street with his manner of music and marketing himself. Annnd so what?? Jealous much?

  • Monako

    Her name is not Tasha, it’s Angelica Charrupi


    Ay, that’s my gif. Cool. LOL. (Super pregnant)

  • Destiny

    That’s a f*ckin’ 1 LOVE T.O. style train! WHAT!

  • Destiny

    Mmm P REIGN <3

  • “Started from the bottom of the rich part of Toronto when my mommy put me on TV and I used my uncle’s (who played in pedophile Jerry Lee Lewis’ band) music connections to get a record deal …” It may not mean nothing to ya’ll, but understand nothing was done for me. Bullshit. More power to all the REAL ARTISTS who REALLY CAME FROM NOTHING out there getting NO SHINE. Drake is a silver spoon chump. I’ll always hate on Drake. Always. COUNT ON IT.

  • Drew

    How you recap the video without the drop top scene. “Drop top in the winter that’s what Winners do”. I know Jay said it but Drake killed em