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Emmett Till’s Family Responds To Lil Wayne’s Disrespectful Lyric [PHOTOS]


Over the weekend, Future dropped a remix to his “Karate Chop” track that features Lil Wayne. During his verse, Weezy dropped a disrespectful punchline that used the name of Emmett Till. The family of the then 14-year-old Black boy that was murdered in 1955 in Mississippi for whistling at a white woman is none too happy about said line.

On the “Karate Chop (Remix),” Weezy raps, “Beat that p-ssy up like Emmett Till.”

For the record, the late Emmett Till wasn’t just beat up. After being kidnapped, he was beaten on throughout the night, shot and then tossed into the Mississippi River with a 7o-pound fan tied around his neck with barbed wire to keep his body from floating back up. Till’s corpse did eventually rise and was found a couple of day later by two boys fishing. Despite his head and face being heinously mutilated, his mother demanded to have an open casket at her son’s funeral so everyone could see what was done to her child.

Till’s murder was a catalyst for the Civil Rights Movement, which in turn helped Wayne maintain his lavish lifestyle today.

Activist and scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins spoke to a representative of the Till family named Airickca Gordon Taylor (listen to the full conversation below). “We found it dishonorable to his name and what his death has meant to us as a people and as a culture,” said Gordon Taylor. “It was offensive not only to us, but not only to us  but to our ancestors and to women and to themselves as young, Black men. I just don’t understand how you could compare the gateway of life to the brutality and punishment of death. And I felt as though they have no pride and no dignity as Black men.”

Wayne isn’t the first rapper to use Emmett Till’s name in a suspect line. In 2004, Remy Ma made an off color remark about Till’s face on Terror Squad’s “Yeah Yeah Yeah.”

Watkins and others are making a call to action about lyrics like these having ill effects on consumers. reports:

Rev. Jesse Jackson and his associate, Bishop Tavis Grant of the Rainbow/Push Coalition have spoken up on the matter, and I’ve promised to give them my support.  Hip-hop music is one of the most powerful and persuasive art forms in the history of the world, and it is now being used to enslave the minds of young black people so that they might become food for the prison industrial complex.  Lil Wayne’s reference to till is just the latest effort to dumb down black America and to produce messages that are nothing short of disgustingly toxic.

Many potential black male father figures have been extracted from our community and sent to the concentration camps of the prison industrial complex, given dozens of years for sometimes minor offenses.  All the while, their sons grow up without fathers, and are taught on the radio how to get high and drunk every day, to kill other black men, and to disrespect the black women who raised them.  Lil Wayne’s music is a reflection of this reality, as a man who is as brilliant as the great Malcolm X has been convinced to use his powers for evil rather than good.

You can see photos of Emmett Till (they are not for the squeamish) at his funeral in the gallery, and there is nothing funny about them.

Let us know what you think of Lil Wayne’s Emmitt Till rhyme and its potential ramifications in the comments.

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Photos: Jet Magazine, Till Estate

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  • chocolatecitycom

    “Till’s murder was a catalyst for the Civil Right Movement, which in turn helped Wayne maintain his lavish lifestyle today.” – The realest shhh ever written on this blog.

    But, that bitch(Wayne) is on drugs…and brain cells…are fried. He’s ten minutes from suicide anyway!! So, him twisting history…sounds about right.

    • will321

      I hate wayne so f’n much smh too ignorant

    • Help da kids

      Folks gotta remember, Weezy be forgetting he black to begin with, he probably thinks none of this applies to him…

      And for Remy Ma, eff her washed up tail. I guess if people actually listened to her music, that would have been addressed already.

  • kele0197

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!! That was the most disrespectful thing you could have done to Emmett Till and his family. Our people can be so disrespectful to each other and then have the nerve to try to blame other people. I am speechless right now!! I am so embarrassed.

    • AnnelliDAREAL

      The African American community is in bad shape…very bad shape.

  • NoMoreCandy4U

    Does he even know the details of that event, does he really know his history? Dumbass!!!

    • I doubt it. His rat arse doesnt look like he’s concerned about his history anyway. Bastard.

    • Surprise

      I doubt he knows his history. Remember he was out making babies at the age of 14 so, go figure.

  • Queen B

    This is almost as bad as when Cyhi said , “I’m fly to death, 9-11” -______-

  • He’s such an idiot…

    • will321


      • Junior

        Wayne is a Punkass disrespectful chump!!!

  • Mona G

    Such a general disregard for the struggle endured by many to promote liberties and opportunities of today. I won’t ever support his music or any product he endoses. Not because of this incident bit the vile trash and image he promotes.

  • R M

    This entire article is full of garbage including Wayne’s lyrics but nothing more ridiculous than this:

    “Lil Wayne’s music is a reflection of this reality, as a man who is
    as brilliant as the great Malcolm X has been convinced to use his powers
    for evil rather than good.”

    Anyone who feels Wayne can be compared to El Hajj Malik el-Shabazz on any intellectual level needs to have their head examined immediately and lends no logical credence to this discussion.

    • How dare they compare Lil Wayne to the great Malcolm X? He doesnt even compare.

      • AnnelliDAREAL

        You better preach the damn truth!

  • Those pictures made me so dam upset!!

  • These are the kinda people kids wana be like. If Wayne was my daddy, I would be ashamed. Just because you are a rapper, that doesnt give you the right to say and do whatever yu wana. His stupid arse need ta realize this wasnt made up. White people did that ta Till in real life. He was beaten in real life. Those images are real images of him. His family members should sue the ish out of Wayne. All these rappers are disrespectful. Say anything to make a word rhyme. Just like Outkast mentioning Rosa Parks. People dont wana relive that hurt and pain and be reminded of the ish. The radio shouldnt even play it.

    • Junior

      I definatly agree girlfriend the family should sue his PUNKASS!!!

    • smokehill

      “People dont wanna relive that hurt & pain”

      Oh, please ….

      Most of us wallow in that sh*t and worship the lame-ass pimps like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson that get filthy rich by marketing this grief to the Black community and blackmailing White corporations into his “training & education programs.”

      It’s the ugliest part of the Black experience, and any intelligent person should be embarrassed to feed into this scam.

      • Go to hell. Noone asked you for your negative arse response.

    • smokehill

      “People dont wanna relive that hurt & pain”

      Oh, please ….

      Most of us wallow in that sh*t and worship the lame-ass pimps like Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson that get filthy rich by marketing this grief to the Black community and blackmailing White corporations into his “training & education programs.”

      It’s the ugliest part of the Black experience, and any intelligent person should be embarrassed to feed into this scam.

  • Sweetp

    I got a chance to really listen to some of this child’s music today. His lyrics were so offensive that I could not continue to listen to him…..just pure trash

  • SHAME ON WAYNE – I’m sure he knows the history and doesn’t care- Is he so big that nobody in his crew would tell him how wrong he is does his dollar stretch that far–SHAME ON WAYNE if it wasn’t for Emmett Till and others his a** wouldn’t be able to do what he does-SHAME ON WAYNE

  • Wayne HIMSELF needs to apologize not JUST his label, distributors, etc… I for one will keep looking for a public acknowledgement and apology until he gives one.

    • Surprise

      Don’t hold you breath. He’s too cool for that. Da- – shame.

  • Phillip McCullough

    these are who our young people idolize? Just goes to show that it’s the
    blind leading the blind. At best, it speaks to Lil Wayne’s ignorance.
    At worst, it takes disrespect of African-American history and self-hate
    to another level. What’s next, using Hadiya Pendleton’s unfortunate
    murder as lyrical fodder in his sophomoric lyrical histrionics?

  • If no one brought this to the peoples attention nobody would have ever known what he said. Who listens to waynes lyrics (if u wanna call them that) & understands him??? He’s always trying too hard to find that punchline to make you say whoa but I end up saying “WTF????” He got some attention now so he’s good, forget about an apolgy.
    Best rapper alive. (in his words) C’mon Son…

  • Tina

    Lil Wayne needs to apologize to the Till family. Epic has apologized so he needs to step up and be accountable. The fact that he hasn’t shows how much of an ignorant, cocky, coward this guy is. This is completely outrageous and unacceptable!!! I’ve said for years that he’s an embarrassment to the black community. I don’t condone or listen to his music because it’s trash. And what’s sad is our youth listen to his music so they’re being influenced. It’s time to realize that black people are part of the problem with the black community. Whoever listens to his music needs to STOP and WAKE UP! This guy is not a role model, he’s not a hero, he’s not a good example. He’s a sellout and an embarrassment to the black community. And of course, this would happen during Black History Month. Way to go Lil Wayne, way to go.

  • Those people who can control music, have got their hands in the cookie jar, So they let this music go on and on. Little Wayne and all others like him are those blowing up. Once those in high places let the N WORD BE SAID ON EVERYDAY TV,IT HAS BEEN A RAP. SINCE THE OJAY COURT CASE. THE USE OF THOSE THINGS, BAD WORDS OVER THE AIR WAVE HAS BEEN SAID AN PLAYED ! BECAUSE SO MANY PEOPLE DO NOT CARE,Just like those in high places that did not care when they killed Emmett Till !

  • larry b

    Ignorance is the only explanation for what Lil Wayne did. There is no other.

  • TruTalk

    If lil wayne did not know that was disrespectful then he’s a dumbass! I love hip hop and know wayne is just making a fool out of himself on his videos and lyrics now. Losing all respect for him!

  • teejay

    What i’d like to know is: does this website have an editor, or a proof reader? Every story I read doesn’t seem to have an ending, or maybe I’m retarded, because I can’t find it?

  • Ms. Chocolate

    Wayne needs to publicly apologize , then donate some money to a cause or Black movement.

  • smokehill

    I’m getting tired of these so-called “spokesmen” whining like little girls over mickey-mouse crap like this. Get a life … maybe focus on something that actually makes a difference, like “our President” not doing a damn thing to help this disastrous economy, and blaming his White predecessor. That sh*t only goes so far, and now it’s plain that he hasn’t a clue what he’s doing, and is in fact hurting the cause.

    That boy Till got beaten bad, then killed. This, for you slow learners, makes the lyric an analogy, and a very good one. Personally, I think rap & hip-hop is nonsense, fit only for the illiterate and tone-deaf, but the use of the analogy is valid, and in fact serves as a reminder of what happened to this boy.

    • Nessy

      The “spokesmen” are right this time. You may not like Mr Jackson and/or Mr Sharpton, but the dangerous one is Wayne and young people like him. He is a very intelligent man but also very ignorant. He and his girlfriends are examples of what not to be.

      • smokehill

        I still think the analogy is correct, though defending anything Wayne (or any other rap/hiphop scum) does makes my stomach turn.

        The whole mercenary, violent, hate-filled lifestyle they glorify — not to mention their disgusting treatment of women — is appalling, and it should concern us all that our children feed into this degenerate nonsense.

        What is even more troubling is that parents just shrug their shoulders and accept this, abandoning any sense of responsibility and letting their children be swept up in this mindless gangster fantasy. And we wonder why so many of our children wind up on welfare or in prison.

        Wayne & his useless friends are indeed dangerous, but I don’t think nit-picking this particular lyric is helpful when our community ignores the REAL danger — and does absolutely nothing.

  • it’s funny how LIL WAYNE can apologize to FLORIDA & THE RAPPERS, and respond to PITBULL’S dis but CANNOT SEEM TO FIND IT IN HIS HEART TO “APOLOGIZE” TO THE TILL FAMILY nor address the OPEN LETTER that was presented to him by them…and those are the people whom he’s hurt the worst. I think his album said it best about him.. he is definitley NOT A H.U.M.A.N. BEING!!!!!!!!! booooooooooooooooooooooo 4 lil dik wayne

  • quiana mccloud

    Granted what he said was disrespectful but I feel people are taking it to the extreme. First, it is not Lil Wayne’s responsibility to teach our children the history of our people. Grow the F’ up! It’s our job as responsible parents to educate them on what is wrong and right, what is true and what is false. That’s like white ppl blaming Columbine on video games instead of the parents who should have known that something was off with their son. I’m going through everything in my house and I will not live in fear of my children! There is no hiding guns and ish. I stay 10 steps ahead of my children; all four of them. With that said, again what he said was disrespectful but you cannot punish one and not punish the others. ANY reference to this man and his tragic death being used to promote record sales, popularity, etc is WRONG (Kanye West, Remy Ma). Kanye made a reference to Mr. Till’s face in comparison to his own after his accident. But that’s not disrespectful? Remy Ma used his name and titties in the same line and that’s not disrespectful? Oh you can rap about how jacked up his face was after he was tortured, killed and sunk and you can say his name in the same line with women’s breasts and that’s not supposed to be taken out of context? You guys are hypocrites and I believe the only reason everyone is attacking Lil Wayne over it is because he’s rich. Watch what I tell you, the next lawsuit against Lil Wayne will be Emmett Till’s family suing him for defamation of character. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too. They would have to sue everyone who has ever rhymed about Mr. Till. You can’t pick and choose who can make the reference and who can’t. It just perpetuates more discrimination within our own race. I’m proud of my heritage and the struggles are ancestors went through to make it possible for us as a people to be where we are today. With that said, I know I’m more than a video ho, I know I am very intellectual, I know that I am more than a prostitute, I am more than just what I have between my legs and I also know that you believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. You know why? Because my mother instilled that in me when I was a child. She let me know that just because you see them shooting and gang banging on TV and they make it out alright, doesn’t mean that what you are seeing is the reality of that lifestyle and I am passing that on to my children. Now again, what he said was disrespectful to Mr. Till’s memory. I am not arguing that. What I am arguing is the hyprocricy of it all. “Oh they were just talking about how misshapen his face was.” That’s still a form of disrespect. I don’t care how you try to dress it up. We shouldn’t be making any reference to the Civil Rights Movement and the events that led to its launching unless it is to educate our youth and teach them why they should be proud of the color of their skin because we come from warriors and commemorate our heritage in a positive light! You wouldn’t believe how many African-Americans are ashamed of being African-American and it’s because the ignorance of our people out there depend on the influence of superstars like Lil Wayne to help educate. Stop being such lazy f-ing ppl and parents and become the teacher to your own children or hell, become the teacher to yourself. OH and stop depending on government benefits to support you. Go get a job! I’m sick of seeing black women with smart phones, nails done, gold rings on, fresh pair of J’s, Coogi outfits and Coach purses and your baby looks like a garbage pail kid! Feet black, shoes talking loudly, wearing Garanimals while you spend the majority of the money on yourself. Nothing wrong with shopping at walmart but if I gotta buy my kids clothes from walmart, mine are coming from walmart too! There’s no shame in my game. I don’t dress like a ho and I get no assistance. I work! Everyday, all day if I have to and you know what. It doesn’t matter if ppl talk ish because honestly, I don’t live my life for the approval of others. My kids are proud of me! They see me work and I instill in them that the only way to get what you want is to work for it. Doesn’t matter what your job is. There’s nothing that can take away the pride of saying, “I earned that. No one gave it to me. I didn’t have to desegregate myself to get it. I truly earned it.” What happened to this mentality? And before you go blaming it on the hip hop culture and their influences, take a good long hard look at the parenting and what type of environment these lazy people were exposed to. Start being accountable!

  • Proudafricanqueen

    How shameful and insensitive can this new generation rappers get? Shame on Lil wayne for his foolishness! Same goes to Kanye for his stupid lines on his new album about Perkinsons disease and the other retard J cole for thinking stupid talk about autism would boost his record sales. In my opinion this is far more cruel than racism.Shame on them all!!!!

  • Proudafricanqueen

    Lil Wayne is disgrace not only to his family and African- Americans,but to the entire black race and all lovers of good things. He should apologize first to Till’s family and the entire black community of the world because his shameful and debasing lyrics opened up a lot of sore memories that represents dark times in the lives of African -Americans and blacks world wide. I am an African but yet I relate with the trials and tribulations of my brothers and sisters world wide and I appreciate the sacrifices of our ancestors for the partial liberty and dignity the black race is experiencing today. If he has any living brain cells left in that twisted mind of he’s then he should do the dignifying and sensitive thing immediately which is to show some respect and apologize.