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Yandy Smith Makes Statement Regarding Mendeecees Harris’ Legal Struggles [PHOTOS]


Love & Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith has finally made a statement regarding the legal trouble her boyfriend, Mendeecees Harris, has found himself in. Smith penned a letter thanking her supporters that she posted on her personal website.

If you’re unaware, last week Harris was on trial for allegedly having s-xual relations with an underage girl four years ago. A New Jersey jury acquitted Harris after the trial, which lasted less than a week.

Besides a few stray tweets, Smith was relatively silent during the trial save for attending daily.

Part of Smith’s letter reads:

To My Supporters,

The past few weeks have been some of the hardest days, hours, and minutes of my life. I found myself torn between a man that I know and love, and an accusation that makes me sick to my stomach. I hoped and prayed that someone I loved so dearly could not be guilty of such a disgusting and shameful act… I hoped, but I did NOT assume.

I chose to stay silent until I was able to hear both sides and form my own opinion. I went to court every single day; I listened intently to the case from both sides ready to face whatever truth was revealed.

In the end, the truth is Mendeecees Harris may be many things, but he is NOT guilty of the heinous accusations made against him. I won’t get into much detail because at the other side of this is a young woman that regardless of the outcome, remains broken. I pray that she is able to move past this and realize her full potential and I pray that the world is able to accept that in this case justice was served.

Smith used the rest of the letter to stress that she is against all forms of abuse against women and children. She also revealed that she is launching a mentoring program for young girls aged 12 to 17 called The EGL P.U.D. Initiative (Partners Uplifting Our Daughters) in the spring.

The letter makes no mention of Harris’ continuing legal issues, though. While Harris was found not guilty of the child abuse charges, he still has federal drug trafficking charges to deal with in Rochester, NY. Authorities were waiting until the conclusion of the New Jersey trial to arraign Harris, who is charged with trafficking $2.5 million in coke and heron.

Check out photos of the couple during happier times in the gallery.

Photos: VH1, Instagram

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  • tammy

    this is sad tht Yandy is so delusional the fact tht any man is accussed of messing with a child is enough grounds to send him packing…

    • Angela Davis

      YUP YUP!!! U NO IT…..

    • TheJudahite

      What if hes innocent? What if it was your son? Wod u send him packing?

  • tammy

    OK drug & child rape are black women this desperate for men I know most of them are in jail or dead but jeez there are other choices smh

    • Angela Davis

      Ummm I think it’s y’all lookin 4 cyber LUV or WORSE N Then Wonder Y ThEy Come OUT DA BOX ON U!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    • grenada_7

      Tammy do you think before you speak? My first reaction to your post is “can she please shut the hell up” But then I thought well here is a perfect educational moment. Tammy lets be clear black women ARE NOT THAT DESPERATE. You CAN NOT judge a whole race of people by one individuals action. You sound very ignorant. SMFH

  • Leslie

    Maybe she’s been talkkng to Mrs. Sandusky. And don’t look now, but your ignorance is showing. MOST black men are dead or in jail? Ok. If you say so. SMH

    • Angela Davis


  • Yandy is no example for girls

    now i see why Yandy’s mother is so involved, it all makes sense.

    • Tea T8

      What gives you that notion. She went to court everyday to get her own outlook on the situation. You don’t just walk away before you have the facts. 12 other ppl didn’t find him guilty either.

  • Itzallaboutmoney

    She won’t admit it but she know he did it. Some women are so desperate for a man.

    • youre an idiot. Unless you were there, why the hell would you open your mouth with such bullshit? She wasnt there and neither were you. Until that man has his day in court, stop trying to judge him negatively. Maybe he did it, maybe he didnt. Until he gets his day in court though, Ill reserve judgement. Id highly suggest you do the same.

  • Keisha

    We can’t judge anyone if he did it he has to stand before God so people stop judging who are u to judge.We was not their…

    • Pablo Escobar

      Well I judge you, at least by your spelling anyway. We WERE not THERE.

  • Nitra

    Its a shame how people are so quick to judge someone. No one is perfect. He was found not guilty so get off his back. Just because he’s black don’t mean he’s guilty. How many times have you seen this happen to ppl ( plenty). Y’all ain’t his SO. Let her worry about if its true wtf. She’s the one who plans on spending her life with him not y’all.

    • Tea T8

      I totally agree. Seems opportunistic to me. She wanted $ no way would I wait 4 yrs after being violated. Smh

  • Ironically, his name resembles the word “Mendacious” … which literally means: not telling the truth. :/

    • 095

      My things on this situation u will never known until he is proved innocent!!!!

  • Tea T8

    Plenty of opinions I notice. However, 4 yrs later these allegations come up & not to mention after he is on Love & Hip Hop. Sounds like she was looking for $. I applaud Yandy for getting the facts herself.

  • stephladydi

    Yandy, you’re a classy lady and deserve better, but it’s your choice, your business who you choose to love. I’m glad he was found not guilty and hope that he won’t put himself in that type of situation again. But on another note, I just wanted to commend you Yandy for standing up to Consequence’s ignorant statement, namely, ‘light skin is the right skin’. Society teaches Black people to hate themselves/their ethnic features, so many Black men breed with another race, attempting ‘genetic correction’ for their children. Or they hate Black women because they’ve been rejected by the good-looking Black women because they are unattractive like Cons aka Bucky. Or they subconsciously habor resentment against their no-nonsense (or in some cases, Trifling) Black Mothers. At any rate, Yandy what you and the female rapper who turned down the deal with Consequence did was modern-day civil rights activism and I applaud you both!

  • nichole

    Yandy I wish you and your family the best in everything always remember there’s only one god in control and he didn’t bring u this far to drop u off your to bless u all shall over come this unfortunate situation….