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Nigerian Singer Goldie Harvey Dies After Returning From Grammy Awards [PHOTOS]



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  • NYC Gal

    Although I never heard of Goldie, I’m sorry to hear about her sudden death. My condolences go out to her family and close friends.

  • Purple_Tattoo

    I think she could have made a name for herself in the states.

  • CriticXtreme

    All these fake folks with no talent, thrive while those with true talent are taken away. The fake ones must have a deal with the devil. Rest in Paradise, Goldie Harvey.

  • Not to speak ill of the dead, but hopefully this was not a result of some hard partying her system may not have been accustomed to in L.A, an just a freak coincidence. just saying.

  • turthsyrum

    Ju Ju…. evil cult witchcraft someone was jealous of her in nigeria and went to a witch doctor in the bush happens all the time in nigeria and even in the US

  • Britt

    set-up……or voo doo…..someone was mad or jealous….smh…..

  • marcello geno

    If it was a bad headache, could have been a brain aneurism, tumor, meningitis so many possible medical issues that come on sudden and can kill very quickly, how sad 🙁 I will have to look her up, didn’t know her or her music….

    • CDS

      Sounds like she had an aneurysm — I’m sure an autopsy was performed to find out. I’ve had the same thing happen to me, I thought I was having a sinus headache after being rushed to the hospital by ambulance the doctors found I had a brain aneurysm and I made it the hospital just in time. May she R.I.P.