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Love & Hip Hop NY’s Mendeecees Harris Chokes Out Yandy Smith’s Cousin [VIDEO]


Memo to everyone: Mendeecees Harris is clearly ’bout that life. On last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York, Harris took offense to his girlfriend Yandy Smith‘s trainer, Maurice, posting s-xually suggestive flicks of her on Instagram, which ultimately led to a physical confrontation.

Harris’ beef is that Maurice, who is Smith’s cousin, was out of line for posting suggestive pics of her online without clearing it with her. When he asked Smith, who he as a baby bo with, about it earlier, she said that in exchange for getting trained for free, she told Maurice she would help market his business.

Yeah, Harris wasn’t having that.

So he went to the gym to “check the beloved,” Maurice. To his credit, Harris tried to diplomatically explain why he felt it was disrespectful for dude to be posting pics of Smith. However, Maurice was dismissive of Harris’ request, going as far as telling the Harlem native to tell Smith to tell him to take the photos down.

This is as suitable time as any to mention that Harris, who recently was acquitted of child s-x abuse allegations, has been charged with dealingng over $2 million in coke and yayo in Rochester. Of course there are only allegations, but anyone moving that type of weight should be take seriously when he’s trying to have a man to man chat with you.

So when Maurice started going about his business  despite Harris not hearing what he wanted to hear, that’s when you knew the hands were going to be thrown. Peep the choke out in the video below.

Photo: VH1

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  • Easystyles

    Love it!!!!

  • lol

  • supa

    I like mendeecess, but that wasnt a choke out. He just jumped first, if that dude would have gotten ahold of him, he woulda been hurt!

    • ChrisDuke

      what u mean it wasn’t a choke out…lmao…come on really… this must be maurice posting…lol

    • Dude touched the trainer’s neck and folks call that a choke? Wow.LoL

  • Nellz

    All dudes that’s “Buff” ain’t fighters! They just look intimidating and that’s why a lot of em be going so hard Abt working out so they can “Look Scary” FOH. Mandeecees is a street dude and he didnt get the respect of the streets being “Nice”!!! Ijs

  • ChrisDuke

    Man this video is classic…I could watch it 100 times hahahaah…Mendeecees had every right to go there. Eff that clown.

  • Pablo Escobar

    Umm coke is yay-yo… You meant to say yay and H.

  • Such Mishra

    Yeah mendeecees caught him