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TLC’s Starter Wives Confidential Cancelled Due To Poor Ratings, 50 Cent Claims Otherwise


TLC’s Starter Wives Confidential series was finished before it got really started. The show which featured the ex-girlfriends and baby mommas of artists and athletes like 50 Cent, DMX, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Lamar Odom was cancelled after just two episodes. 50 Cent claimed he had a hand in its demise, but the network says otherwise.

Reports TMZ:

You’ll recall, the reality show was cancelled a few days after its Jan. 29 debut. Many believed it was due to a slew of problems plaguing the show — including 50 Cent’s outspoken dislike of his ex’s participation. 

Even one of the stars, Monica Joseph-Taylor (Flex’s ex) was confused by the sudden purge, writing on her blog, “Is it ratings? Is it a change in network direction…or all the outside drama?!”

TMZ obtained a letter — written from the network to the cast members — which sets the record straight.

The letter states, “Unfortunately, due to the low ratings, the remaining episodes will not air on TLC, but will be viewable on” 

It continues, “The decision by TLC isn’t personal, although I know it is to you all, and for that we are very sorry.  You ladies gave your all to the show and everyone at TLC is very disappointed that the viewers didn’t take this ride with us.”

Never one to pass on an opportunity to talk ish, and promote his headphones, 50 Cent took to Twitter to claim that it was his influence that got the show canned. “I want to apologize to cast of Starter Wives for having the show pulled off the net work.i sincerely hope you find work.#smsaudio,” tweeted the “In Da Club” rapper on Monday, Feb. 18. “The show was trash,angry ex girls that have a sense of entitlement that cant be met. Come on, I didn’t like it so its off. #SMSaudio.”

50 Cent’s lawyer had previously sent a cease & desist to TLC informing the network that cast member Shanequa Tompkins was legally not able to participate as soon as heard the series was filming. Tompkins was only seen in the premiere episode, briefly explaining why she wouldn’t be participating.

Starter Wives Confidential debuted January 29 and as of this post there are three full episodes online right here.

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  • donna

    If 50 cents had that much to pull this show off the air. Wht couldn’t those Mobsters do the same for Mobwives, other shows. Or the Romanis do the same with “Gypsy Sisters?” Man, talk about trashy! I kinda liked the show (STARTER WIVES) & MOBWIVES Not “Gypsy Sisters tho. That show is TRASHY. THAT SHOW PUTS THE TRASH IN TRASHY!

  • Keewee Pie

    Please keep TLC ratchet free. The filthy gypsys on there are enough. Thanks