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Herman Cain Says Obama Supporters Have A “Severe Ignorance Problem” [VIDEO]


Herman Cain is no stranger to making comments that rile up his opposing side, in fact he’s become quite masterful at it. Today’s installment finds the one-time presidential hopeful calling those who voted for President Obama ignorant.

The newly minted member of the Fox News Channel appeared on The O’Reilly Factor this week, revealing to Bill O’Reilly, the biggest issue plaguing America. “The biggest problem this country has is a deficiency of leadership,” he said. “We do not have a leader in the White House, we have a politician in the White House who is continuing his popularity campaign even though he’s already been reelected.”

Because the president has such a preoccupation with being liked, Cain blamed his alleged vanity for the debt crisis, and why the economy is “shrinking instead of growing.”

When pressed by O’Reilly to answer why so many people side with Obama, Cain replied that voters were brainwashed. “51 percent of the voters were misled enough to vote for him. We are that dumb. Now keep in mind, not everybody. He got 51 percent of the popular vote. We have a severe ignorance problem, with the people who are so mesmerized by his popularity that they’re not looking at the facts.

“Martin Luther King said 50 years ago in 1963 something that is so appropriate to today, ‘There is nothing more dangerous than severe ignorance.'”

This isn’t the first time that Obama supporters have been accused of blindly following his lead. Mitt Romney  made  similar comments about “47 percent” of Americans willing to vote for the president no matter what.

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  • Andile

    I somewhat agree with him. The fact that you are black does not mean you have to vote for a black candidate.We should scrutinize his policies first and see if they are in line with our vision as a people. We have the same problem here in South africa, where the most corrupt party on the continent gets re-elected because black people fear the alternative.Personally I` rather have an honest, visionary white leader as president than a corrupt black leader. Uhuru!

    • Michael Dennis

      Romney lost because he did it to himself. he became more and more toxic as he went along. we saw right through Romney. Conseravties calle dus stupid, ignorant brain washed and now Cain cals us severely ignorant. do you think you can call peole names like that and expect them to vote for your candidate? peole do hat when they know they are figting a losing battle.The GOP’s arrogant ignorance is what did them in even Rance Prebus and Bobby Gindel call the GOP “the stupid party” The GOP cannot continue to use old racist stereo types, try to rig elections, and think hte American people are going to stand fopr it.. the GOP is hateful, mean and underhanded and we saw right through them.

      when I say something about their candidate, they attack me and the moderate read many of teh comments conservatives made about those that did notagree with them and they wanted no part of the GOP. they are igniorant tothink they can keep calling us names and do hateful things,and we will vote for them not in a milion years

  • Money_First

    Cain reminds me of the Sam Jackson character in Django…he makes an excellent “house ni**er”!