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New York City Teacher Disciplined For Assigning Slavery Math Problems To 4th Graders


A teacher in New York City has been disciplined for using slavery as a way to gauge student’s competence in math. Jane Youn, of Manhattan’s P.S. 59, asked children to answer word problems about the sums of slaves being beaten and killed.

Youn sought to marry a history lesson on slavery and math by asking the students to come up with questions. She combined them with her own, about slavery, and handed out the homework assignment. Only one fourth-grade class received the work, which held questions like “One slave got whipped five times a day. How many times did he get whipped in a month (31 days)?

It wasn’t until student teacher, Aziza Harding, was prepping to hand them out to another class that the content was discovered. Harding read the questions while photocopying them. “I’m just like, ‘Wow, this is really inappropriate,'” she said. “It shouldn’t be a homework assignment, and I did not want to make copies of this.”

Harding, who is a student at NYU told her professor, who in turn contacted the school’s principle, Adele Schroeter. The Department of Education released a statement calling the actions of Youn and any others involved, “unacceptable” promising to “take appropriate disciplinary action against these teachers.”

Principal Schroeter is also said to be taking “steps to ensure this does not happen again,” including meeting with staff members to put together a “training around this issue.”


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  • TryUsingYourOwnBrain4AChange

    “I looked at the questions and was like, ‘Wow! This is kind of inappropriate,'” Aziza Harding told the New York Post, saying the questions contained “desensitized” violence.

    “I just found it alarming that this would happen in a state that you would think was more liberal,” said Harding.

    WTF? There are ways to learn history and there are ways to desensitize children to history and ppl. If you 4get history u are doomed to repeat it! Seriously though, learn your history so this woman expects this type of thing to happen in a conservative state??? even though those states are more Christian and look at ppl as individuals rather than the liberal collective order of progressiveness where the individual means nothing and therefore their life is meaningless??? Do you ppl even examine the spoonful of crap that is fed to you everyday, try actually researching and thinking for yourselves. WE are being enslaved by the gov now in a diff way than the physical (though they will eventually get to that) now! encouraged not to think for ourselves, to follow the progressive collective in everything, to hand over our money we work for and have it passed out to us to spend in the way they tell us to spend, nothin but bunch of slaves now, lets just keep handing over our freedoms one by one till we are nothing but workers for the state, ask Russians and other forced communists ppl just how much fun that was.