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Check The Technique: 10 Tech Advances That Ruined Hip-Hop


You can’t fight or slow down the future. Technological advancements are inevitable. But while they usually make life easier, in the case of Hip-Hop many advances have led to instances, movements or trends that, to many, ruined the music and culture.

While for years the protocol was putting in work and paying your dues, thanks to certain advances (cheap home studios, for example) anyone could skip multiple steps in about as long as it takes to download an MP3 and become a rapper or DJ. Why waste time perfecting your craft when a Lil B or Soulja Boy could (deceptively) become overnight sensations, right?

Of course, there are talents who used these tech advances to their advantage. Danger Mouse hooked up Gnarls Barkley’s beats on his laptop and Big K.R.I.T. got his start making beats on a Playstation. However, what must be kept in mind is that these are relatively rare instances and, more than likely, you’re not as talented as Big K.R.I.T. or Danger Mouse. Just saying.

Without further ad0, here are 10 instances where a technological advancement helped ruin Hip-Hop for all of us. Let us know if we missed any in the comments.

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  • The only thing on this list that has effectively RUINED the genre is Auto Tune….everything else has helped to further hiphop….MP3s made the music and its creation portable, emails and Twitter have made the world smaller, allowing for regional artists to achieve world recognition without being enslaved by a record label, iTunes allowed for artists to eat off of their OWN music, and Fruity Loops and Pro-Tools helped level the playing field for producers with the skills but that lacked the money to set foot in a professional studio…..NO, the real tech advances that are killing the game are the torrent sites and their trackers, the share sites that the bloggers use, and the record labels that STILL don’t get the technology.

    • tysandsnyc

      Agreed. This list was probably made by an older person that can’t accept change. Get with the time!

  • No.

    Whoever made this list is beyond wrong. These things did not ruin Hip-Hop. From your view then, Hip-Hop culture and music was supposed to forever stay the same, never change, and never adapt and block out any new advancements. Sounds very close-minded. If anything these advancements put more power into the artist and the peoples hands, and removed some from the suits and labels. It made our society more connected as a whole. You can still buy physical CD’s, MP3’s and iTunes did not ruin that.. they expanded on that. I love being able to have 10,000+ songs on my computer and not have to own 1,000+ hard copies.. the ones I do own I care for more because they hold value to me.

    • No.

      What’s hurting the music industry as a whole is the fact labels and companies have not accepted these advancements and learned to grow with them. Look at what 50 Cent did to the mixtape game. Immortal Technique. Tech N9ne. TDE. Big KRIT. ASAP Rocky. Joey Badass.. and all these artists who build a career via the internet to a wider audience, that’s an amazing thing to think about. The labels need to let go of old patterns and find new ways of growth and revenue (which most profit comes from shows and tours anyways, not sales). Find new ways to market and sell songs and merch, the old ways are gone. Give the music out free.. make the money via merch and shows and other paths.

  • HipHopHead999

    I’m not an “old person”, only 18, yet I agree with several points in this list. Several things listed have worsened various aspects of Hip-Hop to make it less genuine and less authentic than how it used to be. The quality of the music has definitely stepped down some.