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Skater Who Performed At London Olympics Busted For Sleeping With 14-Year-Old Fan [PHOTOS]


A British roller skater who performed at the London Olympics opening ceremony, was busted for sleeping with a 14-year-old fan. Nathan Wright, 26, hooked up with the teen last fall, after she viewed his skating clips on YouTube.

Wright and the unnamed victim corresponded with each other, with the skater persuading her to get frisky via a webcam. He also filmed himself performing a s-x act and sent it to the teen.

The two had a face to face encounter during a fan meet-and-greet. They slipped out of public view, and performed s-x acts on each other. During a second encounter in October of last year, Wright requested that the girl wear clothes that could be removed easily, before sneaking away to have intercourse in a parking lot.

“You are known as an accomplished roller-skater and have your profile on the Internet,” recorder Paul Mann said at Wright’s sentencing. “You have, through your skating, the opportunity to become a role model for young people. There must be young people who have followed you who feel let down by the offences you have committed.”

An attorney for the girl said that she was a willing participant in the situation. “Before the text friendship developed, however inappropriately, there was genuine feeling on both sides,” noted Jonathan Straw. “This is not a case where she was pressured.Unfortunately, the very rapid, almost explosive use of social networking among young people can give rise to this sort of difficulties.”

Wright admitted to two counts of s-xual activity with a child, and was sentenced to five years behind bars. He’s also barred from using the Internet to correspond with anyone under the age of 16, and must register as a s-x offender.

He previously served over four years for r@ping a girl when he was 18.

See photos of Wright below.

Photos: Facebook

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  • drewdigital

    HAha-You referred to him as a “skater!” The correct term would be *”RollerMAid!”

  • Tom

    Send the garbage to prison for life. Society is better off without him.

  • Destin Swope

    When did roller skating become an olympic sport lol? His butt is going to get hurt, literally.

    • Charla

      It says he performed during the opening ceremony. Reading is fundamental.

  • gg80

    Last line, by the way dude did 4 years for rape. Dudes a predator

  • NicK

    What a loser!

  • dougx

    Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed. She isn’t a victim of anything.

    • disqus_elxqDg46au

      You are obviously uninformed and crude – not to mention just plain dumb.

      • Mark


    • squidog

      Your a f-ING PIG!

  • blackrob73

    Maybe he’ll roller skate from bubba and big tiny in

  • Just me

    I say put his thing in a vice and lock it, then handing him a butter knife walk away…then as you leave set the building on fire

  • Walter Sobchak

    Roller skating??? For real B

  • The skating rink near my house turns into Crinshaw blvd every Friday night.

    • spooney442

      That’s nice. Im sure the white chicks are over the hung black studs.lmao

  • You are a disguising pig and are probably sexual predator yourself. First of all girls vs be as young as 11 or 12 who can “breed and bleed”. Are they too within your realm of lust? She is a participant, but a 14 year olds judgment is clouded easily. Sick people like yourself would try to take advantage of that.

  • John Lansing

    Class Act.

  • myrnao78

    mofo is a “PREADATOR” not probably, but a straight up
    PREADATOR/PEDOPHILE for life, he has shown before that is what he likes (unsuspecting children) & that is what he’ll be into for the rest of his days/mark my words we will be hearing about his sick ways in the future because he has shown he can’ t be trusted around kids, “where the HELL is this YOUNG GIRLS MOTHER? WHERE?

  • geminitwinworld

    once a rapist is always on to the next one,he’s a sickco bastard lock him up for 30yrs and let the inmates have a word with him LOL!

  • dre8791

    I would of tap that young thang too and I’m in my mid 30s.