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Ice-T (Allegedly) Files For Legal Separation, Prepping Divorce From Coco


Ice-T may have hit his breaking point. Rumor has it that the Law & Order star has filed for a legal separation from longtime love, Coco, and is one step closer to getting a divorce.

With rapper AP.9 trying desperately to extend his 15-minutes of fame by claiming to have slept with Coco (without protection, no less), Ice allegedly went forward with plans to split from the woman who has been by his side for over a decade. The website Cream BMP claims to have insider information on their relationship. “I can’t unbreak my heart, but I can take that a– back tho,” 55-year-old Ice reportedly said while outside a New Jersey courthouse. “She can have the money, the house, but them t-tties is mine.”


Of course those statements seem so asinine (no pun) that it’s almost laughable, but stranger things have happened.

Ice is a lifelong soldier of love when it comes to Coco. After photos of her and AP.9 were released he had a brief Twitter meltdown, but within 24 hours everything seemed to be back on track. Also, he lashed out at the media for making up stories about his situation.“Daily Game: Bloggers/Media = MEGA TROLLS,” he wrote. Those aren’t exactly the words of a man trying to end his marriage, but he could have had a change of heart.

If so, he wants Coco out of his house by March 1, which really only gives her one day to pack up all her  “red-bottoms”  and stripper heels.

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  • dy

    Wait no more Ice loves Coco?????? Damn. Is anyone really surprised at this?

  • jimmy

    well she needs a younger bull to ride them humps thats all

  • Bonnie

    The last I heard married couples living in a shared household can not put each other out. They have to go to court and the judge makes that decision. People need to also understand its was not just Ice making money Coco was making money as well. So she was not living off Ice. If she did buy that man a car it was not with Ice money but her own. He made her look like a two bit hooker that he was selling on a street corner. Even reading some of these comments people are under the belieft that Coco was a hooker. I don’t heard Ice clearing those lies up. She loved Ice and was young when they got together. He put Coco out there to make money in Las Vegas and she told him she did not want to go that she felt it was not a good idea unless he would come along. I