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Fugees Video Director On Trial For Impregnating Daughters, Facing Over 100 Years In Prison


Aswad Ayinde, a Paterson, N.J. man on trial for charges stemming from impregnating three of his five daughters, believed that he was a prophet, according to court testimony. Beverly Ayinde, the ex-wife of the 54-year-old, was shocked to learn that her 12-year-old daughter was with child, and even more disturbed to learn who the father was.

“He said, ‘She could be pregnant from me,” Beverly testified Tuesday (Feb. 26). “My heart started racing.”

Ayinde, born Eric McGill, directed the Fugees video “Killing Me Softly,” for which he won an MTV Video Music Award in 1996. He has been charged with two counts of aggravated s-xaul assault, plus s-xual assault, and is said to have gotten his daughters pregnant in an attempt to create his own “blueblood” race.

For more than 15 years he controlled his family’s every mental and physical move. “He equaled himself to being a prophet,” Beverly said. “As time went on, he was god-like. I had to call him ‘my god.’ He equated himself to Jesus Christ…He would sit us all down and lecture us about his greatness and his power…At another point, he equated himself to Prince and Michael Jackson.”

According to her testimony, Ayinde told Beverly that spirits advised him to perform oral s-x on his then 8-year-old daughter. “I was shocked, I said ‘What are you talking about?’ He tried to present it in this very godly spiritual way.”

Beverly came to the states from England as a teenager, quickly meeting and falling in love with Aswad. They married in 1976, and while she was initially impressed with his vast knowledge of African history, things spiraled after the birth of each child. “Eric didn’t believe in doctors,” she explained.

The family was secluded from the outside world, with Aswad steering the ship. The children were home-schooled and beaten, along with their mother. The last five of her nine children also had no birth certificates or Social Security numbers. “He threatened to kill my children. He would cut them and put them in different places and I wouldn’t be able to prove anything because I didn’t have a birth certificate for them.”

When questioned by Passaic County Senior Assistant Prosecutor Lisa Squitiera about why she never contacted authorities, Beverly claims to have been too scared. “The way things were in the house, I couldn’t just do something. There would be hell to pay,” she said, crying.

In addition to being controlling, Ayinde walked around the house nude, and s-domized his daughter over 100 times. He was finally busted in 2006. when his 19-year-old daughter called police.

His trial is the second of five jury trials that he is facing. In 2010, he was convicted on all counts of m-lesting his 8-year-old daughter until she gave birth to his child as a teenager, and slapped with a 40-year sentence. Pending charges will put him behind bars for more than 100 years.


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    • So, you’re saying that just because she was helpless to do anything, she’s just as bad as the father?

      Victims of cults are at a loss to call the police because they don’t know what to do. They are scared of the repercussions of their actions. They are scared that the police won’t do anything. Plus, cult leaders are charismatic and manipulative. Since children were involved, the stakes were higher.
      You should really not be ignorant as you are.


      • Rb Redmond

        Look up Stockholm Syndrome, Gary and James, then comment.

  • AJ

    disgusting on every level

  • Mrs.Chef

    What is this world coming to? sick bastard needs to be raped, beaten…anything he did to his family he needs to get back 10x worse! he is going to H**l.period.

    • IAJS

      This is nothing new men have BEEN doing this for centuries

      • Mrs. Chef

        That don’t make it right. Back then nothing was done. Now this day in time when we know that this is wrong and if found out can go to jail or put to death why do it? why think its okay or makes sense to do this?

      • IAJS

        I never said that. I said men have been doing this for centuries. Never said it was right

  • MillieG1

    Even though the mother may have been a victim of domestic and emotional violence, I do not believe she was subjected to abuse twenty four a day seven days a week, therefore at some point and time she could of escaped and informedl aw enforcement officiers or social services of the horrific occurances that were perpetrated herself and her defenseless children. Both parents have a responsibility to love, protect, and nurture their children. Hopefully, this parasite will receive the maximum penalty. This is a truly sad and disgusting story and I hope the victims receive extreme mental health therapy.

    • MillieG1

      I mean law enforcement officiers. I do understand the mother was in a desperate situation and her choices were very limited.

    • amandatea

      When someone is systematically abused for years, it puts them in a mental “prison”. They don’t believe they can do anything to change the situation. It’s conditioning and unless the subject manages to break free of that (which usually requires something unusually dramatic), they will continue to watch in horror while even other people in the group are victimized. Even though she had a chance to go get help, she most likely didn’t feel she could because of fear. This is typical in abuse cases.

  • Rashida

    A sick bastard. Deserves a slow and tortuous death.

  • Tmitcho

    If I had been in this and found this out about someone doing these things, he wouldn’t have made to the first trial. He’d be the next Jimmy Hoffa! I hope he’s put in general population so they “impregnate” him for a few days and then shiv him to death.

    • Cee

      Exactly. He should be Jeffrey Dahmered – “lost” in gen pop for several hours.

  • lavonda

    why keep him alive

    • bigdawgman

      So we can cast him down with the Sodomites! *Warden Samuel Norton voice*

  • Ann R. Key

    As I said, many black children are born with a gun at the head, it’s not a Smith & Wesson, it’s their own families. These girls are probably scarred for life, with no outside support for mental and physical trauma. By the way, some of us should writing about what other races do or don’t do in the child-rearing department. Black people live in our own glass houses. The Crystal Cathedral went bankrupt, too!

  • the mother should have reported him from the first instance, not stay all those years with him while he rape and abuse her young kids? she should also be in jail, because when women act stupid and irresponsible that is what happens, women have to stand up and take command and stop these crazy husbands or boyfriend from abusing their kids, besides the man is sick in the mind.

  • this dont only happen to black people it happens to all races, because its not about the race its about the mother calling the police or getting the men out the house, but some women love their husbands or boyfriends more than their kids, they would do anything to keep the crazy men in the house, and live under the cloak of keeping a marriage.

    • YGL300

      I couldn’t agree more. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with a sick individual that made his children suffer to no end. I could care less if this man was black, white, asian or latin he needs to be locked up forever. I really hope more than anything that these children can find some sort of peace someday.

  • qd

    My heart cries for them.

  • JaneDoe

    My stomach turned. Poor children. Can you imagine how they felt everytime he entered the door.. The mother is pathetic as hell

    • Mrs. Chef

      The mother needs to be locked for a 100 years for being an idiot and not a real mother. The father needs to be put to death.

  • lock her up and he GETS NO JAIL…Why should ppl pay for him to eat live and breathe…take him to the river put him in a bag full of rocks, chain it up…bon voyage

  • NiHi

    The wife should also be on trial. She allowed these things to happen to her children!

  • cherie

    The mother should be held accountable for not protecting her kids. (Mother was too scared) how does she think the kids felt? I hate when people hurt children. they are the innocents.

  • Fatima

    When a man have a little clout If the authorities are called he would ooze and smooze authority. There wasn’t birth certificate nor ss# for her children. He knew how to break her from day one. A few years ago a family in Ca.Black man married a tahitian woman. They had kids he had kids from his daughters. There is nothing Domestic about violence. The name need to be changed. Attempted murder will change your mind because it has weight . We had Presidents who married their cousins an eventually they will have babies. Italians does it. The Rothchilds, Rockerfellas an other bluebloods want to keep it in the families SICK but true

  • MuhammedAllah

    What a fine, upstanding young man in the community! If he was white, he’d be rotting away in a third rate prison-is this jerk out on bail?

  • Rb Redmond

    Although I believe the wife had a responsibility to her children first and foremost, I believe she may have been a victim too and was brainwashed (in a way similar to Stockholm Syndrome).
    Let’s not let blaming her deflect the blame from the REAL criminal here, the man who used every single woman in the house, including his own little girls, to satisfy his own beastly desires. Even many animals won’t mate with their own young, yet this beast and many like him, operating under the guise of humans, did.
    I don’t believe for a second that he believed he had that right or didn’t know what he was doing was wrong…not for a second!!!
    Give me 10 minutes and a dull rusty knife alone with him, and I’ll take care of the problem permanently.
    Praying for his children and their children, lives forever altered because of the selfishness of this sicko.

  • Darren Christman

    Is this gunna get R Kellied??! Is he going to go free because Whites are racist too? Jeez what a sick F’in weirdo! Then against Polanski and woody Allen do the same stuff and win academy awards. And Weiner and Spitzer. Gosh — maybe you guys are right after all!

  • grammadee94

    castrate him!

  • Jennifer Howard

    Guilty by association.

  • The guy is nuts and that’s it. I know one thing, the inmates don’t like people that harm kids.

  • lily

    1 word: manson

  • Deborah Barber

    i know how the mother feels because i’ve been there and it’s not easy to get help especialy if there’s no one to turn to