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A Massachusetts man is $3 million dollars wealthier due to misacting on the part of Boston officials.

Ulysses Rodriguez Charles was awarded $3.25 million in restitution after being wrongfully accused in the rape of three women and spending 18 years in the state penitentiary.

Legal representation for the city, William Sinnott, says the move was designed to avert a federal trial.

Charles was found guilty of having perpetrated the infamous 1980 rapes in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood.

In spite of his current legal victory, Charles is facing another uphill legal battle; one that would see the 59-year-old man deported to his former home of Trinidad.

Thomas McGowan of Texas was awarded $1.8 million in September, $80,000 for every years spent incarcerated, in addition to lifetime annuity payments of between 40 and $50,000 after spending the greater amount of 23 years in prison for rape and robbery that he did not commit.

Thomas McGowan, former convict and instant millionaire

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