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Bangin’ Candy: Miguel’s Flawless Girlfriend Nazanin Mandi [PHOTOS]


Remember back in 2012 after Frank Ocean came out of the closet and numerous outlets implied that Miguel should be the next one to do so? Yeah, damn all of that.

Not only is Miguel not playing for the other team, but his woman is one of the most drop dead gorgeous females walking this planet. Nazanin Mandi is a professional model who has been dating the Kaleidascope Dream singer for over five years and has appeared in a number of his music videos including “Do You” and “Girls Like You” as well as Bobby Valentino’s “Anonymous.”

She has also appeared in campaigns for T.I.T.S. (Two In The Shirt) as well as landing a role on the Bravo television show, Shahs Of Sunset. Shahs of Sunset follows a group of socialite friends who are juggling their careers with their personal lives while at the name time trying to keep their family proud. Mandi is of Persian descent as well as  Spanish, Mexican and Native American.

Can’t be mad at the Grammy-winner. If you came home to something like this, you’d write songs like “Adorn” too. Hit the jump to check out some more pictures of this beauty.

Photo: Unleash’d

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  • Corduroy

    That boy don’t like no mud ducks, that’s for sure!! LOL

  • CriticXtreme

    Nice piece.

    • Beaujetto Chicks

      lol right..she will be a mud duck in no time

      • CriticXtreme

        You are correct!

  • titos3rdCousin

    mud duck? The Hate is Strong *Yoda Voice* First of all latins girls age very well

    • Yldefonso Then

      Then you must be real blind because she ain’t Latina, she’s Indian.

      • Lux

        Lmao she’s not Indian either, she’s Persian

      • The Beaujetto Socialite

        well the last time I checked, all of those are just different variations of white people who naturally don’t age very well

  • Gabby


  • Disgruntled

    They’re trying too hard

  • Teammm

    She’s a hoe, not a housewife.

  • born2shine4ever

    Nice “beard” and nice try. He’s as gay as they come. He must have finally bowed down to the Baphomet? They are working the media in his favor to create a masculine persona and are doing damage control to protect his image. MK Ultra at its best.

  • Awake

    Ive seen many women that look better to her, to say one of the most beautiful on the face of the planet; I mean she is highly overrated.

  • Eden

    Definitely a friggin beard! I wonder how much she gets paid.

  • Ya ever heard of a “beard?”

  • LAMusicKritic

    Hey Guys new music coming your way shortly!!!!!!!!!!

  • the1pay4

    He gay and she knows it, she just tryna get famous…

  • R.M. Long II

    Wow. For anyone to say that woman is not absolutely stunning…is indicative of the jealousy, envy, and hatred that those who do not achieve their greatest life…possess. It’s hilarious, actually…wow. That is one of the most beautiful women on earth. Period..and no matter how you all wish he were gay…or wish to judge…it will never change the fact that he is him…she is herself..and you all …are still and forever…YOU.

    • Yldefonso Then

      Sorry, but it seems like you never being with women in your life to give her that title of most beautiful women on earth, actually there’s no such thing as one of the most beautiful women, because there will always be one looking better than them, there is no hate, jealousy nor envy as you’re trying to make it seem like, it’s the honest truth, don’t get it twisted.

    • The Beaujetto Socialite

      LOL … no she is not—pretty, thin, great makeup artist..to say the least

  • People Believe ANYTHING

    Of COURSE a woman who calls herself BEAUJETTO would hate on such a beautiful woman. It is obvious why. lol