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Bad Service: 10 Rapper Excuses Why Their Bars Aren’t Up To Par (And Their True Meanings)


Let’s just be real and upfront. It doesn’t take much to be a rapper these days. Find the right beat, throw in a repetitive sing-song chorus and add a few quirky phrases that people will remember and (Smokey the Bear voice) you too can prevent good music from being played on the radio.

Don’t get it twisted, though. We are not of the uppity ilk that believe every rapper has to spit like Kool G. and have the sensibility of a Chuck D, either. We understand rapping these days is about more than lyrics and some rappers just have that it factor. But some of these cats’ inability to come up with a single thought provoking line is just ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous is the excuses these less lyrically inclined struggle rappers come up with as to why their bars are more basic than the lyrics of “The Hokey Pokey.”

Here are 10 rapper excuses as to why they aren’t lyricists and the possible true meaning behind their alibis.

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  • iHM

    Whoever wrote this truly doesn’t get rap.

  • The idea for the article was solid, but it’s all downhill from there. This article is worthless.

  • William

    ayo shut your mouth about the basedgod

  • yz

    Havoc was coming acoss too homeosexual I smell an undercover brother

  • Extra Domus

    They did not just say young buck wasn’t lyrical…

  • MF Cutty Flam

    lmao at the Based Head