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The Game Prepping Tattoos Of Muhammad Ali & Malcolm X


When The Game sets his mind to something, best believe that it will be accomplished. His latest hobby is getting well-known figures inked on his body.

The Compton rapper is getting portraits of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X inked on his body, according to his tattoo artist, Carlos Macedo. “I’m working on a portrait of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X for Game,” Macedo told

As expected, all those tats are leaving little room for the father of three to have his latest images placed how he’d like. “He wanted the two to interact but he’s running out of room. He has to work with what he has.”

For now, a portion of the Ali tattoo is inked on his inner arm, while Malcolm’s image is on the back of his arm and needs to be filled in. “Those tattoos are in real painful areas,” Macedo continued. “I try not to put him in a bunch of pain in one session. With the [President] Obama tattoo, he wanted it all finished at once.”

In addition to the commander in chief, Game has the words COMPTON, LA, and N.W.A tattooed on his body. There are also pictures of Eazy E, Tupac, and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, the latter of which, he had done in January.

Photo: Nick Hall

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  • Ginny

    This negro really don’t kno Wat to do with himself or his money. How about a college fund & a trip to b&n for ur dumb arse kids, you big dummie?

  • Marsha

    I agree 100% with Ginny

    • TheAudacityOfDope

      And so do I. This dude’s fame whoring antics are pathetic.

  • Kself

    I always tell people if you’re going to get a tattoo, make sure you get something meaningful; something you’ll still be proud of in 20 years. Seems like exactly what Game has done. Can’t go wrong with the Prez, Ali, and El Hajj Malik, IMO.

  • nolimit_soldier

    **Speechless***…these fools swear up and down they are immune from getting flash one day those tats are going to get hella flabby one day Wayne, Wiz, Game and all those other ink bodied artists are going to be a laughing stock because their bodies are going to b re dang diculous

  • kickash

    Is he getting these tattoos so that he can constantly be reminded that he will never amount to the greatness of these men?