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Strange Tweets: What We Know About Lil Wayne’s Situation… So Far [PHOTOS]


Somebody isn’t telling the truth here, but we’re not sure who to believe. When word came down from TMZ that Lil Wayne suffered more seizures, was in a coma, potentially near death, and awaiting the arrival of his mother to make decisions, a social media melting pot of confusion erupted.

While Weezy’s side started off saying he was watching a basketball game, TMZ stuck behind their story–for the most part. The conflicting reports from either team prove that somewhere within both stories is the actual truth. Hell, even Usher had to admit to it, apparently saying: “Lil Wayne is going through a real hard time right now. I just want to send a lot of positive energy,” according to Bilboard’s, Erika Ramirez.

And then the rappers got involved.

There was 2 Chainz, T.I., Rick Ross and more, all partly admitting that he was ill. Even an alleged tweet from Wayne himself wasn’t enough to tide us over. Why? Because there was no photo attached. In a digital age where anything is possible from your handheld device, not sending a photo means….something is up. But he is entitled to his privacy.

So, what we do know is that Wayne suffered one or more seizures, and is at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

Hopefully he’s okay.

Click below to see tweets.

Photo:  Chamber Group/Twitter

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  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    Will someone just let us know what’s really going on please?

    • JohnnyTrabajando

      Lil homie bout dead.

  • Yousuck

    “So, what we do know is that Wayne likely suffered one or more seizures, and is at Cedars-Sinai Hospital”.

    OMG….where did you guys get this info from? I mean…no other news outlets have this much info on the matter (sarcasm)…Your journalism is just… cutting edge. Rolling eyes…..

    Title of Article is “What We Know About Lil Wayne’s Situation… So Far” Change “So Far” to “Absolutely Nothing More Than Anybody Else” and we’ll be in business!

  • Yes

    Hope he is ok, but it doesn’t look good simply because no one is really saying anything,…Wayne is supposedly texting but we have not seen nor heard from him since the text….I honestly think he is in a coma but his family and friends are praying he recovers soon…..just my opinion

    • JohnnyTrabajando

      And you would be correct…

  • BigHitter1

    Could care less about lil gay-ne

  • smh

    Thank you TMZ. All these rappers are so free with their lyrics when speaking and bragging about using drugs but everyone wants privacy when it comes to the end result and where using drugs leads. Let these misguided children who look up to you see what may happen to them if they follow your drug abusing lead.