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Talib Kweli Defends Jay-Z and Illuminati Accusations


It’s almost as though everything rapper Jay-Z touches now resonates a sense to others that he engages in devil worship and is part of the Illuminati.

With the visual to “Run This Town” many speculated that Jay was providing a glimpse into the new world order and with his recent music video “On To The Next One”, some feel that Hov has become blatant with his references to embracing evil.

As a known associate of the Brooklyn native, Talib Kweli decided to step into the fray and defend claims against the rapper along with Rihanna and his personal friend Kanye West through Twitter.

RealTalibKweli:  So JayZ Kanye and Rhiannaare illuminati now?  Y’all need to step y’all conspiracy theories up.  #LAME

Real Talib Kweli:  Somebody prove to me that JayZ and his cohorts are illuminati.  Besides images from video s and on Rocawear gear, speculatory internet stuff

With all of the real world issues that are consuming the world, Kweli feels that there could be focus placed on things that matter more than a music video and trying to actually decipher each and every image presented in it.

Such a move might sway his own fan base, but the reality of the situation is the fact that religion has heavily transitioned from something that was created in order to establish belief and hope for some into a chopping block where those that might have different opinions are shunned and deemed as representing something evil.

Without proper knowledge, however, many that speak are best to keep their mouths shut as a lack of evidence only results in a cycle of ignorance spewing from the mouth.

RealTalibKweli: I mean there are real forms of systematic oppression y’all could be making You Tube vids about.  For real.

RealTalibKweli:  so, if you aint Christian or dont promote christianity you illuminati?  I got it now.  WWJD?

RealTalbiKweli:  For the record. I LOVE Jesus.  I love the contributions churches can make to society, esp. the black church during slavery.

RealTalibKweli:  I just dont subscribe to a particular religion.  I love the prophet Muhammad, and Abraham.  I learn from Buddhism, taoism

RealTalibKweli:  I read Illuminati 666 Behold A Pale Horse, New Word Order, the Matrix series etc. In college.

For those that believe Jay-Z is actually Illuminati, where do you believe it will actually lead to since everyone is persecuting him at such a rapid rate.

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  • ™kapreeshus♥

    Not that it’s any of his business, but—-Tell ’em, Talib!

  • edris777

    i knew alot dummies was gonna try to kiss booty so they can get money! talib, its over, go get a job or find your soul you clown!

  • tasha

    the proof is in the pudding

  • D

    Talib is tryin to get some brownie points

    You know what…..If this s*it aint real then prove it to me. Prove to me that all the conspiracies arent real. Nobody can…


    You do realize that “Kingdom Come” is the name of the comic books where Superman came back from retirement/seclusion right? The same way Jay-Z came out of retirement from Hip Hop. That’s why that album has that title…dumbass. You are reaching for everything and trying to make up stuff out of thin air

  • Derick Peter

    Ya ‘ll get ya f**** hands off JayZ, He said it already said it in the “blue print 2 track”. if ya’ll aint got good memories go through that track once again and ya’ll will realize how dumb you’ve been in your effort to throw trash on him. ” Jayz ds Jayz dat, Jayz tdat Jayz ds get off Jayz package.

    Dirty or clean its non of ya biz, every body has a right to pick any way deemed right to take em to their destination. Whether In aJesus or Devil way he choose it so it may take him to where he wana go.

    Shut the f** up and think don just mouth off you dumb a**.

  • Yoy Gan

    Jay is illuminati and that’s it the blueprints were to express his 3 levels of freemasonry. Nuff said