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Naked Man Arrested Outside Alabama High School, Claimed He Was “High On Jesus”


An Alabama man was arrested for stripping naked outside a high school, Monday (March 18). The suspect was taken into custody over indecent exposure, but claimed that Jesus was his inspiration.

After taking his clothes off, Ronald Ray Fletcher began “parading himself” in front of a classroom window at Austin High School, telling a school official that he was “high on Jesus.”

Fletcher arrived on campus first attempting to check a student out of class, at around 2 p.m.

When he was turned away, Fletcher got inside his vehicle—which had the word “Blessed” on the license plate—and started causing trouble. “He got into his car, drove onto the grass, and began driving around and around in circles, on the grass, on the school property,” police spokesman, Lt. John Crough, said.

Fletcher threw hub caps at the school building, before being confronted by assistant principal, Will Green. “He got out his car, pulled his shirt off and raised his hands over his head,” Green said.

The 27-year-old asked Green about the student he was trying to check out, before disrobing.

“He came through the courtyard and he was dressed, but right outside our widow, the pants came off,” said senior, Morgan Hampton, who saw Fletcher from the window of her math class. “He was completely naked. His shirt was on the ground. His pants were on the ground. He was not ashamed of anything.”

Teachers put classes on lockdown, and closed all blinds.

Meanwhile, Fletcher urinated on the side of a car asking Green, “You want to watch? It’s just water.”

School principal, Don Snow, tried to keep Fletcher out of students’ view. “He kept trying to come out, and I would push him back between the cars,” Fletcher said. “He didn’t try to fight me. He had a couple of comments about me putting my hands on him, and I told him I wouldn’t have to put my hands on him if he did what I told him.”

Police arrested Fletcher and found no weapons in his possession, or inside the vehicle.

After the incident, the safety supervisor sent out an alert, mistaking Fletcher for another man who went up  to the school last March, and threatened to kill students.


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