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Joe Biden Spends 1 Night In Paris, Racks Up $585K Bill [PHOTOS]


 Joe Biden knows how to run up a tab. The vice president traveled to Paris for one night, last month, and racked up a hotel bill of  more than $500,000.

Some details behind his expensive stay were released Friday, with Biden’s grand total reaching $585,000. The massive tab was due to the more than 100 rooms rented out for the VP and his entourage, at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand.

Although his price-per room rate has not been released, Biden is believed to have been given a group rate for his stay at the five-star hotel.

From MSN Money:

Biden did spend an evening in Paris in early February, but there are no details in the document about whether this contract is accurate or what the final hotel bill came to. A standard room in the hotel costs about $475 a night, and the royal two-bedroom suite runs about $3,900 a night.

The Weekly Standard also points to another government contract for Biden’s London hotel stay in early February.The contract, to the Hyatt Regency London, totaled $459,339. An associated document with that contract said it was for 136 rooms for 893 room nights.

But none of this makes sense. For 893 room nights, that would mean that the 136 rooms would be reserved for at least six nights each — longer than Biden’s entire five-day European visit.

So let’s say that Biden also needed 136 rooms for his one-night stay in Paris. Even if every single room rang up the $3,900 nightly cost of the royal suite, the total still wouldn’t meet the reported $585,000 contract cost.


Biden spent five days in Europe beginning February 1. During the trip, he met with political leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francosie  Hollade, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and visited wounded U.S. Veterans at a German hospital.

See photos of the hotel, and from Biden’s European trip, below.

Photos: AP/Daily Mail

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  • Crazy Joe Biden, the POS SOB ought to be impeached and run out of town!

  • That bill would support me an my family for 5 years. No need for this waste.

  • Carlos Santiago

    Thats more than most people will make in a lifetime.

    • Scamgro Wilson

      No it’s not, you’re just poor.

  • Tizme

    Looks like the V.P. forgot what his Mama & Daddy taught him. Guess HE doesn’t think WE are as good as HE is, because HE sure is showing US, his EMPLOYERS & taxpayers extreme dis-respect with that kind of spending during these tough times for US.!!!

  • Don’t worry. We the tax payers have more than enough money to pay for his tab. At least that’s what Washington keeps telling us.

  • neil eklund

    s…- that reminds me- I’ve got to get my taxes done. Only owe a couple thousand this year but every bit helps good ol joe- a-hole

  • Gobo

    Lesson: AMERICA IS NOT BROKE. Print more money idiots.

  • what a waste, and people are staving in the usa, that is shameful, what does Biden need all these rooms for, stay home.

  • jbritton

    ya know if Biden stayed home a bit more maybe we could balance budget just on the money spent to send him to these places. Gee, I wish I could go to Paris and I wouldn’t need 136 rooms or the priciest room in the joint. I think that money should be going to the budget and not to hotel for the VP.

  • D G

    Between him and the dirtbag he works under, we’ll end up with another trillion dollars of debt this year for their luxury trips. Jettison the bastards at 40,000 ft on their next trip and do us all a favor.

  • Juniorsmom

    The King & his entourage live grandly….just like Marie Antoinette, they say to us, “Let them eat cake!”

  • Sarah C

    and the poor guys in Bell. Ca are being prosecuted why?????

  • Question 1. Why are the president and vice-president out of the country at the same time?
    2. Why does the VP need a two bedroom suite at over $3900 a night? Even if Mrs. Biden was with him, isn’t one bedroom enough?
    3. Why why why does the VP need an entourage of over 100 people?
    4. If there are over 100 people with the VP, how many are traveling with the president?
    5. Is there anyone in the Executive Branch still in Washington, DC, to mind the government?
    So many other questions come to mind, and they aren’t rhetorical. I wish there was someone I could ask for straight and true answers to these questions.

  • Miles

    Hang the dirty Bastard with A dirty rope

  • Nicodemis

    There is no way he could convince me that this is good for the economy and the American people, no matter how he will twist it! Politics, I’m sure, has always, been the pitts, but this is an all time low.

  • Sure that lying, smirkin VP is going to pay that bill back to the taxpayers!?

  • BelgoBelg

    How kind of the US to contribute to our struggling economies. Thank you. However, one may wonder about the utility of such a visit. Except for the enormous hotel bill, it would have passed quite unnoticed. I think the term is “boondoggle”.

  • Maybe he will choke on that freaky smile and we can quit worrying about him and his commie boss.

  • I can only imagine if a Republican had done this.

    • kckid4u

      Thay have.

  • Leo

    What’s the problem? Just crank out the money machine and make some more.

  • thekeyman.

    It’s your money America.

  • Citizen7

    585K could have given 20 people jobs for a year. He should be fired immediately.

  • Citizen7

    This is the kind of pork that should have been cut from the budget. Where does he get off living large like that while 25 million Americans are out of work.

  • Citizen7

    No wonder our jobs aren’t coming back. They’re not even trying to make it look like they’re doing their jobs!

  • Rick

    And the party rages on while the rest of us can’t afford to pay our mortgages. But hey…let’s keep raising those taxes….because the elite must have their lavish amenities.

  • Rick

    What a p.o.s. to do this while the American people are suffering so much. Hang that fawking traitor by his greasy neck!!!!

  • Bob Hope

    Wonder how many skanks he had come up to the room.

  • Victoria

    I say fire all of them leaders for not more stringent on the budget…but this will go on and on until we are all broke….those people don’t give a *hit about the situation of this country economy…

  • beffis

    And my husband is being furloughed from his job1day a week for 22 weeks because of this kind of spending. Our government sucks!!!!!!

  • Its funny how silent the left is on the MASSIVE wasteful spending of this current administration. This president has spent more than all previous presidents……that is an amazing FACT. Marxists pig!!!

  • ChemJet

    Why should biden stop spending? He was just reelected for another four years. His pockets are bottomless with zero oversight. Hell, even when it does get reported, everyone turns the other way. This is what a majority of Americans voted for. Now we get to lay in the same bed they have made. Whos fault is it really? Will it ever change? If this happened in most any other democratic country, he would be arrested, removed from office and sent to jail. Period.

  • These rethuglican morons sure are getting desperate. The daily mail is a ridiculous tabloid known for it’s fact free reporting.

  • Rich

    So let me get this straight… Cut military resources and weaken our military so the VP can spend $500k+night!? Makes complete sense…