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Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 CD Booklet & Production Credits [PHOTOS]


You’re waiting for Lil Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being 2 to drop on Tuesday, March 26 and not partaking in any piracy, right? Nevertheless, here we have a look at the CD booklet, artwork and production credits for Weezy’s latest album.

After many push backs and an almost weeklong stint in the hospital, Tunechi is back in full promotion mode. Yesterday, a video of the “No Worries” rapper saying he was “more than good” made the rounds. The Young Money honcho also announced the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival 2013. Kicking off on July 5, the tours special guests already include Atlanta rappers T.I. and Future with more sure to be announced as the dates approach.

Tunechi also dropped off a new video for “R.A.F. (Rich As F-ck),” featuring 2 Chainz.

Check out all the artwork, both inside and out, hooked up by Kanye West’s DONDA initiative, in the gallery (click on the images to make them bigger).

Will you be picking up I Am Not A Human Being 2 on Tuesday? Already bumping the album? Let us know in the comments.

[Spotted at HHNM]

Photos: Universal Republic

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  • No im not waiting i feel like lil wayne needs to find himself i cant get pass these lyrics these hos love me like satan or him letting the video producer depict him as a devil in the video i dont care who you are im not supporting madness

    • customcalendars4u2

      I am glad to hear you and many others are waking up,but Wayne is pushing the same poison he always has, it’s just that people have helped to corrupt his way of thinking by bringing him the success they have therefore; he has gotten BOLDER with his outlandish song lyrics and behavior. This is his brain on Drugs!

  • In a jail interview tupac says hold these cats accountable for what they say you have millions of lil kids listning rather you like it or not so watch what the heck you are saying feeding that madness to the masses id proably why god slowed his role

  • lil wayne that is

  • sweetpeach0711

    He is a victim of mk mind control which is more commonly known as monarch programming. He is a puppet of the industry and a satanist. I used to be a big Lil Wayne fan but I noticed a change in him as well as his lyrics awhile back. He is not the same….he has changed. I steer clear of his music now, it is all negative.

  • invisible.or.invisible

    This is my disclaimer, I am a huge fan of music therefore I am a fan of lil wayne and probably every other creep involved in music. You have to love everyone and everything in it in order to love the game. Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t constructively criticize these lames. Wayne “could be” or maybe I should say “could have been” the best lyricist of all time even with how wack and uninterested he sounds lately. Lately meaning over the course of the last year through collabos, mixtapes , etc. Point blank, if you have a God given talent like he does then he needs to be asserting his dominance everytime he steps to the mic. Brother, everyone doesn’t have that gift. You NEED to open ears and minds when you speak. I’m talking to you Dewayne Carter. Step it up or step out of the way. The rap game needs this cat at 100% at all times. No offense and none taken. I’m about to enjoy my Sunday. Peace.

    • Umbra in the UK

      what, pray tell, is the point of which you are trying to make?

  • TeamChrist

    look on the butterfly on his album pic, its a devil with horns on the top of the butterfly, its just upside down.