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Birdman Gets New “TRUKFIT” & “GTV” Face Tattoos [PHOTOS]


Kids, a face tattoo is not for everyone. Take Cash Money founder and CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams who has an assortment of ink, including two brand new ones, on his mug, for example. He is rich and can pretty much do as he pleases. You, are not.

Birdman took to Instagram and revealed that “GTV” and “TRUKFIT” tattoos have been added to his already sizeable face tattoo collection. The GTV, which stands for his Grand Touring Vodka brands, sits above his left eye, while the TRUKFIT logo is on the lower portion of his left cheek.

A few weeks ago, the “What Happened To That Boy?” rapper got a new “Rich Gang” logo tattoo on the right side of his face, which coincides with his forthcoming compilation project titled, Rich Gang. While Lil Wayne was in the hospital, Birdman was adamant that it was working too hard, not a drug overdose, that landed his son in the ICU.

Check out Birdman’s new ink, and some of his past work include those infamous 5 star tats on his noggin, in the gallery. Do you have (explain yourself) or would you get a face tattoo? Let us know in the comments.

Photos: Instagram, Derick G

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    this guy sucks he should put a big L in the midle of his forehead…lmao… and dumb….

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    I love Bryan Williams he’sso talented.

  • Rich and smart are not “synonymous” when it comes to this Kat!

  • Birdman still getting Face tatts. Thats crazy! I guess when you got that much money you dont care how you will look 20 years from now…

  • Not sure I like that one. Walking advertisement

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    mf’n birdman, rock on then..

  • Clown.