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New Anthology Examines Love & Relationships In The African-American Community


Award-winning journalist Gil Robertson IV has tackled a bevy of topics during his career, especially as it relates to African-Americans. With his latest anthology, Where Did Our Love Go: Love & Relationships In The African American Community, Robertson collected a variety of opinion pieces and essays from prominent authors, educators and other known media figures. 

Released last month, Robertson and his collaborators look to challenge and explore why marriage rates among Blacks are on the decline and further why such relationships remain hard to obtain. As noted in the book’s press release, the 2010 U.S. Census reported that 42 of Black adults never married and it may have been more likely that a child born in times of slavery would live in a two-parent household. These staggering figures led Robertson to make a public call to the writing community.

From the press release statement for Where Did Our Love Go:

Where Did Our Love Go features essays by an impressive array of prominent thought-leaders from the creative, religious, business and mental health communities, who share provocative insights and powerful critiques on the status of African American relationships today. Divided up into three sections that include essays from individuals who are Single, Married and Divorce, Where Did Our Love Go examines important issues affecting Black America from new and revelatory angles that  provide an unparalleled understanding to this hot-button topic.

Featured writers include poet jesssica Care moore, singer Anthony Hamilton, life coach Dr. Nicole LaBeach and writer Danielle Belton among others.

To learn more about Where Did Our Love Go: Love & Relationships In The African American Community, please follow this link.

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