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Sister Of 13-Month-Old Shot In Georgia Questions Mother’s Story, Teen Suspects Charged As Adults [VIDEO]


The daughter of Sherry West, the woman whose 13-month-old son was gunned down in Georgia, doesn’t believe the entire story. Ashley Glassey, claims that her mother told her of the baby’s shooting death, then asked “How soon do you think [the] life insurance policy will send me check?”

West lost custody of Glassey when she was eight years old, but the two have a mended their relationship. Glassey said her mother’s behavior ranges from being perfectly fine with it, to crying about the incident, but hopes that her suspicions are untrue. “I spoke with investigators and the evidence leads to many witnesses not just me as a witness, that her communications with the defendants—and I call them defendants not suspects because I identified the shooter and it’s definitely him.”

According to Glassey, her mother is bi-polar and schizophrenic and believes that she is on medication. Her story of how the baby was killed has gone through some revisions. “She changed her story as far as she told me that the baby was shot first and then she told that she was shot first.”

West was pushing her son, Antonio Santiago, in his stroller when she was approached by a group of youngsters. She told police that alleged shooter  De’Marquise Elkins pushed her out of the way to shoot the child after attempting to rob her. Prior to Elkins’ arrest, police would neither confirm or deny plans to make West as a suspect in the tragedy.

The 17 year old, and a 15-year-old suspect, Dominique Lang, will both be charged as adults for the baby’s murder.

Elkins mother and aunt are also in custody for lying to police about the shootings.


Photo: first coast news

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  • IAmAWhiteGuy

    Where is this story other than on black websites ? People are being played for the racism value.

    • It is on “white” websites too….where the racism is horrific. Those “white” websites have no respect for the due process or the U.S. Constitution & Amendments. They come across as NATIONAL ENQUIRER-style gossiping bigots. As an older white woman who moved to the South in the early 60s, I am APPALLED at how similar they are to the evil bigots of the 60s.

      • blackpride

        i guss killing a baby is ok mspacnwer with u

      • Of course not, you a$$. You are a typical right-whiner….can’t spell & reading challenged.

      • Nikki Novem

        USA TODAY is not exclusively Black. There are many reports on this but it’s covered up slightly but the balloon’s bursting surely.

    • Nikki Novem

      USA TODAY is not exclusively Black. There are many reports on this but it’s covered up slightly but the balloon’s bursting surely.

  • I wonder if they even checked if this was a drug deal gone bad?

    Another interesting connection I accidentally discovered yesterday: the father of her son Shaun (who died while attempting to knife another unarmed youth, who had been ambushed by Shaun & his gang) apparently is/was a Police Captain in the community. I wonder if he has been involved w/GA police on behalf of his ex-wife, Sherry.

  • Yvette Stephens

    This sounds like the case years ago when the white women said a black man took her car and kidnapped her two boys and later we found out the mother drove the car into the water.

    • Nikki Novem

      Before any of this at first when I heard her cry and tell her story she sounded like she had rehearsed Susie Smith. I said OMG she did it ( I felt an intuition) she killed her baby. I got chills.

    • Dave

      Two completely different people and scenarios.