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Dad Caught Beating Daughters On Video Indicted On Child Abuse Charges


As previously reported, the father who took out some frustration in the form of whipping his misbehaving daughters with a cable wire is now facing criminal charges for the act. The Dayton, Oh. father has been accused of allegedly beating his children with a video cable from his television and DVD system. 

ABC-22 reports that Greg Horn, 35, was indicted after a video reportedly featuring him and the girls surfaced online and went viral.  He has been indicted on charges of child endangering and corporeal punishment. The girls were visiting their father and according to police, Horn beat them for allegedly sneaking out of the house. It was earlier said that Horn was furious at his daughters for recording a “twerk” dance video to post on Facebook. That detail has not been officially confirmed.

Police were alerted to Horn’s residence by the girls’ mother, who noticed that one of the girls had welts on her thighs along with open wounds. Curiously enough, the charges come during the first week of Child Abuse Awareness Month.  An official from Montgomery County Child Services spoke on the dangers of child abuse with ABC-22.

“The goal is to always keep kids safe,” said Kevin Lavoie from Montgomery County Children Services. “We don’t want people to have any reservations about calling 224- KIDS and letting us know about a circumstance or a concern.”

The graphic video displayed the brutal beating, causing some viewers to respond negatively while others praised the act as good parenting. For those calling for justice, their call was eventually heard. According to Mugshotsonline.com, Horn has been in trouble with the law before after an arrest for parole violation back in December.

Horn is scheduled in court on April 16 for an arraignment hearing.

Photo: ABC-22

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  • Boosie Jones

    I would have beat that a.. to.The pimp or the dealer would have seen the video and really had her twerking

  • me!!

    I hate all these people that talk about these girls being little hoes and their parents need to do something.. and then when the parent handles it everyone got a problem.. them girls got what they deserve.. shouldnt have been posting inappropriate dancing videos

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      He doesnt have the right to beat them bleeding. Young people make mistakes and yes they deserve punishment. But no open bleeding wohnds. He deservesthis

  • Lady A

    I hope the same people agreeing with what he did practice what you preach about any situation resulting in violence as a solution for straightening up someone. Cause if you don’t that makes you a hypocrite. If you sit up here and can condone this while boo hoo’ing over a coach roughing up his players, or a guy playing punching bag with his girlfriends face because like that father “He was mad” or the video where the white judge beat his daughter for disobeying, also the outcry of that video was far different from this one. Society is very hypocritcal. The whipping didn’t bother me because I got it, I just hate how hypocritical people are when it comes to black women and girls regarding physical violence and abuse. It’s like no one cares.

    • So true, too many people are quick to call the girls slutty/fast and act as if beating them with cords is the only way to correct their behavior and teach them about respecting their bodies.

    • t1oracle

      Youd girlfriend is not your child. Also, you don’t beat children with a closed fist. I used to get beat with sticks, I never got it as easy as a belt. The judge’s daughter is lucky, and so are the girl’s in this video.

  • flyguy

    he need to be put in jail..i believe in whippigs but that was abuse

  • I hope those girls give the mom nothing but grief…dont get me wrong, it was a lil extreme…still, better discipline now, then come home pregnant later…besides, these kids of today are out of control…some parenting is better than none…just my thoughts…

    • Daphne Brunache

      because beating lil black girls has definitely kept the pregnancy rate among them down…

    • PixelPulse

      Beating your kids with a cable wire is not discipline nor is it parenting.

  • Needed To Beat Their Butts! More Parents Need To Do The Same. Kids Getting Out Of Control On The Internet!

  • Another article says he has been in trouble with the law before
    including parole violations. So he isn’t much of a role model,
    especially not for his daughters. Maybe his trouble with following rules
    rubbed off on his daughters. Perhaps he should have beat himself with
    the cord instead.

  • Wilton

    No human being much less children deserves “abuse” in any form. The father went beyond chastisement. He is where he needs to be and he should stay there until he learns to love his children without scarring them physically or psychological. His perception of correcting children is demented. He needs to find other ways besides “fear” and “pain”.

  • wilton

    He’s getting what he deserves, he is where he needs to be. Had he done this to anyone else he would be held accountable. Being a father doesnot gives him a pass. He was wrong! I am happy the system intervened on those girls behath. The cord was wrong, the whelps was wrong and the broken skin was wrong. They should give him a years probation for each child and make him go to parenting classes and a government agency should be assigned to the case for the duration of his probation.He’d think twice the next time before acting out of anger. And if this is how you do your children, they need to come after you also!