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Protesters In NYC Demand Reebok Sever Ties With Rick Ross [VIDEO]


The issues many have with Rick Ross’ date r@pe lyrics have moved from rhetoric and posturing on social media to real action. Yesterday afternoon, protesters gathered at the Reebok store in New York City to demand that the sneaker company sever ties with the Miami rapper. reports:

Thursday (April 4), shortly after Ross tweeted a 69-character apology, a group of impassioned women and men gathered at Reebok’s flagship store in New York City to protest the sneaker company’s association with the rapper.

Members of Ultra Violet, the event’s organizer, were holding boxes labeled with the number “72,000″

“These are 72,000 petitions signed by our members all over the country,” Shaunna Thomas, co-founder of Ultra Violet, told “They are also comments from people about why they feel Reebok needs to drop Rick Ross over his recent lyrics about drugging and raping a girl.”

The crowd of approximately 40 people cheered on two speakers, including Wagatwe Wanjuki, who offered her testimonial as a rape victim; and Sonia Ossorio, president of NOW NYC, who slammed Ross for his whimsical take on the topic.

“It is a hate crime to be out there making fun of, making light of, drugging and raping women,” said Ossorio. “It happens all too often in our culture.”

So far Rozay has offered a pair of mea culpas that have done little to dissuade his critics. Although the song under fire, Rocko’s “U.N.E.N.O.,” was released back in February, the criticism for Ross didn’t start resonating until a radio station in Michigan pulled his music. Ross appeared on New Orleans radio shortly thereafter stressing that he didn’t condone r@pe and offered another apology, via Twitter, yesterday, about a couple of hour before the protest.

Yesterday protesters delivered their petitions but were not allowed in the store.

Watch video of the protest below.



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  • D. Rose in the paint

    Feminists are not happy until MEN PAY!!

    • Halo

      i’d love to see these roles reversed. men would get the stones out immediately.

  • I know…

    Rick Ross gotta go. I am not a feminist but he is a disease to the music industry. Voodoo priest, your time is up!

  • lexington

    This fat bastard is as ignorant as he he is disgusting. I hope someone drugs him and rapes him…….

  • Rashida

    Rap music as a whole ought to be boycotted then. It is just music. I don’t think he meant it. Rappers all the time rap about stuff they would never do. It’s entertainment.

    • Sarah Djarnie

      Rashida….he was talking about date rape…. are you saying date rape is entertainment? just asking