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Police Officer Facing Jail Time For Having Sex In Church During Service


A young police officer has found himself in hot water, terrestrially and possibly spiritually, after partaking in carnal pleasures while visiting a local house of worship.

A 26-year-old German policeman is facing serious disciplinary action after he was caught having sex with a woman in church in the middle of service.

The young officer of the law was seen engaging in the act by a woman that was visiting the Catholic church, located in Rennertshofen, as she visited holy building during early morning service. The woman and officer reportedly fled the scene upon discovery; unfortunately, witnesses recognized the duo and turned them in.

Hans-Peter Kammerer, spokesman for the regional police, told local media that the man is facing several disciplinary actions, including a charge of disturbing religious activities, which carries a three year prison sentence.

What is your take on this develoment Hip-Hop Heads?

Should this man serve three years behind bars for getting it on in the middle of church service???

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  • Nonee

    I don’t think so. I mean he still has to deal with god and that’s life in prison already! But no seriously….I don’t know…maybe…

  • Tragity 62

    Well, i can see why he got arrested for disturbing church service but is it really up to them he already has to face god which is an eternity in hell, so i dont know if he should be in prison or not…?