Ray J Claims “I Hit It First” Isn’t A Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Diss Track [VIDEO]


Ray J discusses a number of things; his relationship with his big sister Brandy (Happy Siblings Day yesterday you two), the rumor mill churning that he’s dating Roc 1.0 signee Teairra Mari, and oh yes, that song about Kim Kardashian. But wait, Ray J claims he’s not dissing the reality TV star and her rapper/producer beau Kanye West. Oh okay.

“I’ve been up for three days grinding,” Ray J  tells Karen Civil’s CivilTV about crafting the track that he’s using as the starting point for his album campaign. “We didn’t know it was gonna be like this kind of impact,” he continues, referring to the track as a “lifestyle record” and “controversial.” He brushes the track off as just a “song,” but doesn’t want to say any names in the interest of being “respectable.” Hmmm. “The main mission of this campaign is to say no names,” he adds despite a pixelated pic of Kim K on the cover.

Ray J goes on to say that Brandy is a bit upset over the song, but as for Kim and Kanye? “I don’t really know what’s going on with the other party or with other people that feel like they’re involved in the record.” Come on son.

Check out the rest of the mess below:

Photo: YouTube/CivilTV

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  • ImProbRighT

    Ray J is not worried about what anyone has to think! He keeps telling people it all for entertainment! Is that not what artist do? Write songs that are relatable to other ppl? More ppl like it than dont and the ones who dont I BET they will soon bc we all know how the radio plays the same songs OVER n OVER!! you wont have a choice to hear it and will be soon grooving!! LOL! #keepkilling the game Ray J #hititfirst #smashedfirst #summerbanger #cashout #moneyteam #getsome They want on so bad! if it was them they’d do it too!!

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      • BlackFIST_BlackACTIVIST

        shut’cho white a$$ up

    • BlackFIST_BlackACTIVIST

      you can’t even spell… why would i believe you?