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NYPD Shuts Down Coke Home Delivery Service [PHOTOS]


A large drug ring and personal yayo delivery service in Manhattan was broken up earlier today (April 12). Two housing projects on the Lower East Side and East Village served as a hub of operations for the “Blocc Boyz” and “Money Boyz” factions respectively. 41 members of the crews were arrested on trafficking charges.

DNAInfo reports that the crews worked out of the East Side Baruch Houses and the Campo Houses in the East Village area. 33 persons from the Blocc Boyz were charged, while eight members of the Money Boyz were also charged. The crews operated for years, using cars to deliver the powder in an elaborate door-to-door service.

The operation was busted up by way of an undercover sting, although the Boyz flaunted their wares on social media sites with flashy trinkets such as expensive cars and jewelry. Five of the accused 41 suspects were women, according to NYPD reports. Commissioner Ray Kelly said his officers seized cars, various drugs, large amounts of cash and other contraband from the crews.

“As this indictment reveals, residents of Manhattan today can get nearly everything delivered to their doorstep — from dinner, to dry cleaning, and even c-caine,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. at a press conference today. “Members of the Blocc Boyz are accused of charging a premium price to deliver narcotics to customers throughout Manhattan. Unbelievably, they made hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from this service at the same time they were living in city-subsidized housing as NYCHA residents.”

Just four of the 41 charged have been slapped with “drug kingpin” tags, which could carry a life sentence. The remaining members face felony charges ranging from conspiracy and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The maximum time faced for the rest could be 20 years.

Check out the photos of the drug ring members showing off on social media and evidence collected by the NYPD on the following pages.

Photo: Irene Plagian/DNAinfo

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  • the police lie all the time

    • Ms Brooklyn

      How are they lying? The evidence is there

  • LeeLeeC

    Did they arrest any of those rich folks they delivered too….of course not!!!

  • Another successful sting. All these peeps were working for the system whether they acknowledged it or not. Dear lil dope boys and girls of America lend me your ear for just a second. Your being played! Every ounce,kilo,pound is accounted for, you just don’t know it because it ain’t in the rule book. Even if it was a rule book how many of yall would stop and read it? Thats why its all off the books, so when you are no longer needed to make their profits, that you flashing all over the place, legally admitting that you making profits illegally (Wow computer snitching on yourself, if that aint stupid I don’t know what is) their going to add up all that you’ve earned, then decide to shut you down. How you pay your dues is up to you. Prison time, they still making money off you. Wisen up, its big business and your personal loss at the end of the day. Stop hustling backwards, thats all.