Soulja Boy Threatens To Murder Chief Keef, Via Facebook [PHOTOS]


Well this doesn’t sound like too much fun at all. Soulja Boy and Chief Keef, who have previously collaborated a few times on tracks like “Foreign Cars” and “Say She Luv Me” are now tangled in some social networking war. It’s getting pretty ugly, and death threats are being thrown around.

Back in January, Chief Keef’s Twitter was “hacked” and during that “hacking” some insults flew about Soulja Boy. “He’s a d-ck stealin’ every1 flow,” Fake Keef tweeted. That battle was diffused quickly, but earlier this month one of Keef’s homies GBE’s Ballout got pretty braggy over Twitter about how he stole Soulja Boy’s chain. “N L.A. Pushin On N—as Jus Too This N—a @souljaboy Chain Des N—as Fak As S–t I B Takin S–t,” he tweeted.

Now Soulja Boy has run through Facebook several weeks later making death threats to Keef and his boy. He even posted both of Keef’s phone numbers urging people to “Call Sosa” and tell him that Soulja Boy is on the way. He even claims to have an AK-47 in his hand. With Keef’s previous criminal record, is this the wisest thing for Soulja Boy to be doing? Just because you know how to “Superman dat h0e” doesn’t make you Superman, son.

UPDATE: Of course, Soulja Boy says his Facebook was hacked.

[Spotted at Complex]

Photos: Facebook, Instagram

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  • Charla

    How can we be sure that Ballout threatened SB? I don’t think he even wrote in English….

    • Brivvy

      Haha! I agree!

  • OneAdam12

    Ok then if it is real they can kill each other off. So in other news as mutaphuckers are looking for this other guy in Boston!

  • As if keef would put an apostrophe after dropping the G on stealing lmaoooo. Fake quote.

  • we not biting

  • jimmy

    as a once famous poet said ca can’t we all just get along

  • Child_Puhleez

    Both of those sorry POS can drop off the face of the Earth, for all I care.