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Boyz II Men Struggle Through Embarrassing Old Navy Commercial [VIDEO]


Boyz II Men’s career has taken an interesting turn. The multi-platinum selling R&B group owned charts throughout the ’90s, but have resorted to cheapening one of their biggest hits in a commercial for Old Navy.

In the clip, B2M mimic the words to “I’ll Make Love To You,” replacing them with “Love White Jeans on You.”


The Philly collective– dropped down from a foursome to a trio– play the “complementary in flight entertainment” for passengers wearing white on an all white plane, to promote the clothing store’s line of white jeans.

More than 20 years into the game, Sean Stockman, Wanye Morris, and Nathan Morris haven’t missed a beat, unleashing a passionate mini-performance for the 30-second spot…but since they’re singing about white jeans, the whole thing is just odd. They may not admit it, but there’s tension in those lyrics. Boys II Men is wondering how they got so lost, as are we.

This isn’t the first time the group has joined forces with Old Navy, they appeared in the company’s holiday campaign last year.

Check the video below.

Photo: YouTube

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  • Gabby

    pure cheese. I could see them doing this 1 year after tbhis being a hit, or whatever, but nearly 20 years later? Crack is wack! and I love these guys.

  • Onesmartlady

    That’s right Gabby – pure cheese or shall I say cheddar – all the way to the BANK!!! The Boyz still got it – 20 years strong!

  • Mimsy

    Where’s the struggle or embarassment?? ON always uses artists and songs in their commercial and changes the lyrics for the products. It’s cute and fun.. and more important B2M are getting paid!! This article is stupid

  • Nystateofmine

    This article is about as stupid as these ads popping up every time I hit next. If anyone is struggling it’s this site

  • Treated

    They got at least 4 million for that commercial. Ur dumb.

  • Surprise-1

    There is nothing wrong with the commercial, I thought it was funny especialy when the model starts doing all that talking and Nathan gives her this look like “really” lol.