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Glenn Beck: “African American Is A Bogus Term, Not A Race”


Glenn Beck is continuing to piss people off with his statements. A number of people were upset after hearing Beck speak on his radio show about the recent use of the term “negro” on the 2010 U.S. census form.

As previously reported by Bossip, the 2010 U.S. census form asked people to identify themselves as, “Black, Afr. American, or Negro” while their fairer skinned counterparts were simply described as “white.”

While debating whether the term “negro” was still relevant in 2010, he had this to say about the term “African-American.”

“African-American is a bogus, PC, made-up term. I mean, that’s not a race. Your ancestry is from Africa and now you live in America. Ok, so you were brought over — either your family was brought over through the slave trade or you were born here and your family emigrated here or whatever but that is not a race.”

Listen to Glenn Beck talking about the term here.

Do you agree or disagree?

If you’re family is not from Africa, are you still African-American?

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  • redbonekillbill

    Ideven know why we give him the platform to speak. He’s obviously out for the shock factor. He’s 1/2 retarded and 1/2 crazy, why would you want to listen to anything he had to say. The term “negro”, is the Spanish word for black-a color not a race.

    • you46ng

      You are 100% ignorant.
      I was born, went to school, graduated from high school, and went to the Army in 1967. On every application or form I ever filled out through those years the choice of race for black people was Negro. Not until 1969 was the term African American substituted for Negro as a race.
      Oh BTW there are the Berber Race who are white and have lived for thousands of years in northern Africa. If they came here they would be African Americans as well. Ha!
      It’s too bad they don’t teach history in Schools today.
      Also Barack H. Obama II is about 43% Arab, 7% Negro, and 50% White. He like playing the race card though. It’s to hide his hatred for the Jewish people.
      BTW everyone in America has a platform to speak. It’s not YOURS to give.

  • Charles2davy

    African American isnt a race. Im not German American, or Irish American, no im Irish and German. Just as black people are what ever country they come from Egyptian, South African, ect. Also enough with all these names colored, negro,  blackies, ect. White people dont have a thousand different names, they are white, because thats their skin color, just like blacks are black because they have black skin, enough with all these politically correct names, white people dont get them and neither should black people. Finally everyone needs to decide if the word ni*ger is appropriated, a word that only black people can use without offense and when a white person says it, its the end of the world, if blacks want equal rights, start acting like they want equal rights and stop complaining when other races do and say the same things they do