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Cheerios Commercial Showing Interracial Family Elicits Racist Backlash [VIDEO]


A Cheerios commercial showing an interracial family has been littered with racist backlash online, forcing the company to shut down the comments section of its YouTube page. The ad shoes a bi-racial child talking to her mom whose White, and cuts to a shot of her Black father lying asleep on the couch.

The video earned more than 300,000 views, thousands of “thumbs up” on the site, but also lots of racism.

From AdWeek:

You’d think this new Cheerios ad from Saatchi & Saatchi in New York might go largely unnoticed, given the plethora of interracial couples on TV shows these days. (NBC’s Parenthood is a notable example, though far from the only one.) But it’s not going unnoticed—it hit Reddit’s front page, a place largely reserved for life’s great oddities, and the YouTube view count is rising fast. The problem is that TV ads have always lagged TV programming in this regard, as so many brands are clearly scared of being perceived as making a political statement with the casting of their commercials. Thus, the Cheerios ad, despite its characters being representative of tens of thousands of actual couples in America, sticks out like a sore thumb. And then you have the YouTube comments section, which predictably has devolved into an endless flame war, with references to Nazis, “troglodytes” and “racial genocide.” At what point will an ad like this just seem normal?

Facebook also got a bunch of racial hatred. The commercial apparently made some people “want to vomit,” and there were (of course) shots thrown at the Black father. “More like single parent in the making. Black dad will dip out soon.”

Check out the commercial below.

Photo: YouTube

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  • Ann Gomez

    I feel like The media is really pushing black men and women to marry outside the race, and maybe thats one of the issues. I like the commercial but in the back of mind there was a nagging voice saying hmm.

    • Justin Davern

      That nagging voice is your misguided racism pertruding through your thick head. “Pushing black men and women to marry outside the race”…what about the white woman? Are they “pushing” them too? Why don’t you set aside your irrational thoughts of “race” and accept people as people for who they are, not their race.

      • Denise

        Despite popular attitudes, some of us still prefer to be with someone that shares our same race, culture and history, and their is NOTHING wrong with that–for those of us who do, we should not be made to feel ashamed of this, whether Black or White–this does not make us racist.

      • Kyle Morrissey

        Could you explain how asking people to not shame interracial couples, is somehow shaming same race couples?

      • Ann Gomez

        well i dont think so, I know for a fact more white men tend to marry Asian women but I dont see nearly as much hoopla. So i wonder what is the true agenda.

    • Denise

      The media DOES seem to have some type of agenda as it concerns Black men and women–it’s almost as if it is NOT okay for us a Black people to marry or be together anymore, and anyone who has a difference of opinion about this, will be labeled a racist.

  • More than a color

    This is a great commercial. Go Cheerios. Next, we need to see a black woman with a man of another race. It’s about time ads start resembling real American society.

    • nzpete

      Resembling real American society? Why should a business market to such a small minority? This isn’t about demographic targeting in advertising, this is about a political agenda.

  • Thaddeus Mensch

    Open borders, forced integration, and ‘assimilation’ in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries is GENOCIDE according to International Law.
    It’s White geNOcide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White
    “Racist” is a Hate Word

  • vic

    Why are people up set? As long as it’s a STRAIGHT heterosexual couple and not so gay couple.. Now if it was a commercial with two women and the child is calling them both mom, than we would have a problem. As long as its a man and a woman mixing shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Guest


  • DougRuger70

    Flooding ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-Whites and then forcing assimilation is a program of White genocide.

    Africa will still be full of Africans
    Asia will still be full of Asians.
    Only White children will suffer from this.

    Read the UN genocide conventions: It is genocide, White Genocide.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    • Mephisto

      So by this stupid copy-and-paste slogan, you’re saying that YOU believe that “white = racist”. Moron.

  • NoWhiteGenocide

    Every White country on the planet is forced to become multicultural and multiracial.
    Every White country is ordered to “assimilate” its own race and culture to oblivion.

    No “anti-racists” demand that of ANY non-White country.

    It’s genocide.

    These anti-whites claim to be “anti-racist”, but their actions result in the genocide of only one race, my race, White people. The true goal of immigration and assimilation is
    to wipe out my race.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  • Offshoring12

    I thought it was a cute commercial.

  • jimmy

    the only thing wrong with that commercial, is becky should have been on the couch with him getting her liquid breakfast

  • loudpacg

    White ppl are devils#fact