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Tiara Thomas – “Bad” (Solo / Original Version) [LISTEN]

Wale’s “Bad” was a hit in the making from the very beginning. The record debuted back in March, currently sits at no. 36 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and is expected to rise even higher in coming weeks. If you ask around, many will say that the sultry vocals from songstress Tiara Thomas played a large part in this success.

Miss Info exclusively premiered a re-recorded solo version by Thomas that features her rapping and singing. The track  manages to retain the soothing of the original, despite a few differences sonically.

Unfortunately, we may not hear any collaborations from the MMG rapper and the Indianapolis native in the near future. According to Wale, Thomas decided to sign with another party.

He was admittedly unhappy about the way things turned out,  but says “She did what she felt like was to her best interest, and I guess that’s what all people going to do.”

Wale refused to reveal who his former artist inked a deal with, but the recognizable tag from producer Rico Love can be heard on Thomas’s version of “Bad.” Perhaps she signed to his Division 1 imprint.

Those detail should come sooner than later. Hear “Bad” below in the mean time. Fans of the original can also hit the following page to hear Wale preview his Rihanna-assisted remix as well.

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  • Coast Rida

    Nah, nah, nah! Tiara released this song over 2 years ago! Long before her relations with Wale. This IS technically an update version with some new verses, BUT, you should mention that the original is over two years old.

    • Alot of people don’t KNOW that the song is 2 years old.

    • guest

      ‘Miss Info exclusively premiered a RE-RECORDED solo version by Thomas that features her rapping and singing. ‘

    • Nikki Minor

      Yeah if you go on you tube you can hear it and it sounds nothing like this but it was still cool

  • dingo_egret

    This is better than the version with Wale.