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Fine Chyna: 10 Awkward Moments From Foxy Brown’s Interview On The Combat Jack Show [PHOTOS]


Foxy Brown’s chapter in Hip-Hop history isn’t up for debate. The “Ill Na Na” ushered in a new era of chocolate beauty, raunchy raps, sky-high heels, and low-cut shirts; paving the way for Nicki Minaj’s daring outfits and gratuitous body shots

She was similar to, yet nothing like, her rival Lil Kim and equally as important in the story of female rap. But it’s been a bumpy ride, to say the least.

In the years since her debut, Brown’s had trouble taming her temper, served time in jail, and lost her hearing. With so many things to discuss, her appearance on the latest episode of The Combat Jack show was packed to the brim with content—and extremely, extremely awkward.

For over an hour Brown broke down, perked up, laughed, and stuttered through the revealing interview.

We don’t know what was going on, nor are we inferring anything in particular, just pointing out a few hard to swallow moments.

Get into them below.

Photo: NY Daily News

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  • me

    This article was quite wack. The media has been morphed into some sort of pick-you-apart machine that doesn’t constitute REAL JOURNALISM anymore. Boo.

  • Crown heights

    Fox is a hood rat ..,,she mess with dudes that sleep on they moms couch and she let these clowns clown her all the time …lets face it shes a washed upTRAIN STATION RAT now

    • furfan

      I still think she has a nice body. But she needs to lose the weave and a few pounds. Is she still living at her mom’s house?

    • i smell a hater

      And this is Ur concern why????

  • Trillbish

    I hate Foxy Browns new voice. Its mad annoying. She must still be deaf and cant hear herself. Even though she’s still kind of young I cant see her making a comeback. Its a shame All them industry dudes that ran through her and she was only 14. Why brag about ALL the rich dudes you smashed when you were young if you BROKE now. Come on Son where were her parents back then. She need to write a book, get in shape and stop bashing Lil’ Kim. Just think about the doors they could have opened and the succes$ they could of achieved working together instead of crabbing in the bucket. That broken silence album was a classic though! But she is still DELUSIONAL. I remember her Wendy Williams interview where she was talking about her fur coat line, new music,a reality show and ALL these things other things that never came to fruition.

    • cinna

      U hate someone’s voice over something they can’t control? U just deemed yourself as a bonified hater. And she wasn’t bragging about the dudes she smashed she was explaining her life there’s a difference. As for her being broke its funny When average ppl call celebrities broke meanwhile they still have WAY more money than the ppl calling them broke….smh

      • Trillbish

        This must be Foxy… In any event thanks for taking the time out of your life to respond to my thoughts & opinion. (Im a hate like Star & Buc niqqa what) Noriegas Voice lol