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Complete Awesomeness: Top 10 Quotes From Kanye West’s New York Times Interview [PHOTOS]


In Hip-Hop, there is no more polarizing figure than Kanye West. Despite being famous, or infamous, for not speaking to press, Yeezy recently sat down with the New York Times for an interview. The result was plethora of enlightening and entertaining—and very Kanye West-like—quotables.

Before getting to the Q&A, writer Jon Caramanica detailed the the completion of West’s forthcoming Yeezus album, out June 18. It all went down at the Shangri-La Studio in Malibu, Calif. and Rick Rubin added his magic touch to the mix. The Def Jam Records co-founder helped mold, by reduction, what the G.O.O.D. Music rapper/producer came to the table with, improving on the music already on hand.

As for West’s infamous ego, he still brings that, too. During the sit down he compared himself to Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs. But are you really surprised? Also, the context of each comparison made sense.

Peep the latest, greatest and increasingly rarer Kanye-isms in the following pages.

Photos: New York Times, Nick Knight

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  • Mia

    I bet he’s a boring lay. All that pretentious posturing made me sleepy……. and ill.

    • SandyNYC

      He’s nothing but smoke and mirrors to me. Nvr felt his music was deep or inspiring the way he claims it to be

      • Cory Glover

        First album was. after that not so much.

  • iHM

    Too many clicks. Disappointed! I wanted to know what they were.

  • SandyNYC

    Dude has a severe case of megalomania

  • ajustinmoore

    This is what happens when you declare yourself a genius, the public buys into it, and the only person who keeps you grounded dies (his mom). Yes, he’s amazingly pretentious. And I do wish he’s come out already. I can’t stomach him treating the women in his life like disposable dolls while he clearly isn’t into girls so much…

  • Rista