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Jay-Z's “On To The Next One” Director Explains "Illumanati" Video


When Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz premiered their video for “On To The Next One” on New Year’s Eve the world was abuzz with rumors that the Jigga man was  confirming rumors that he was in ties with an underground secret society.

The video’s dark imagery and gothic undertones led to numerous YouTube videos breaking down the visual to expose the seemingly dark forces behind it and Jay’s ties to the Illuminati and FreeMasonry.

Now for the first time the director of the video Sam Brown is speaking out to defend his work.

Brown spoke in an interview with Vibe on his product saying that the “visually illiterate” public got it all wrong, there are no ties with the video to any culture or belief system.

“I think when you’re dealing in abstract imagery people are going to want to draw lines between things and make sense of it. However, I’ve always felt that the viewing public was, in general, extremely visually literate. They don’t always want or need things to be spelt out for them. One of the great things about music videos are they can be enjoyed purely visually—it doesn’t need to mean anything or make any sense….

There is imagery in this video that is drawn from all over the place. None of it is owned by any one culture or belief system. You can connect anything if you try hard enough, and make it mean anything you want it to.”

He also added to Vibe that while Jay gave him a “loose brief” of the concept for the video, ultimately the idea for the video was his.

“He gave me a very loose brief, and made it clear that we should be progressive with the video. All the imagery was thought up by me and was a response to the track itself.

For those interested, the idea is actually about a funeral for old imagery and ideas, hence all the gothic and oppressive stuff. I was also trying to contradict the excess of hip-hop videos by making something brutally simple and claustrophobic.”

See? It all makes sense now.

Jay’s not illumanati, Sam Brown is….right?

Please…get a life people, it’s all abstract.

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  • CaramelmamaBX

    This, in my humblest opinion, is both ART and SUBMLIMINAL messaging. Art is being used, yes…but those that understand spiritual things know that this is blatantly a spiritual movement. The Bible states that those that do not know the truth are blinded spiritually. I understand the comments of those that do not see the messaging here. You are not supposed to…..

  • Jay Money

    I think that whatever a man’s spiritual prefernce is his own… Secondly I would like to continue by saying that we as people should also try and see the best in people when asked to speak about this subject HOV firmly said he is not the Anti-christ and that he has a strong belief in God… Last but not least guys the bible itself says “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” We have to stop trying to be the judge of people it is our responsibility as christians to encourage others and bring the testimony of Jesus Christ to those who know him not… Its not our job nor our right to judge people that job and right belongs with God and when Hov stands in front of Him the ONLY opinion of the kind of man he is or has been will be HIS!!! Christ himself was persecuted and crucified because people believed him to not be the Son of God and after 2000 yrs we as christians are still falling into that same trap… Let’s stop judging others and turn inward and judge ourselves…

  • Andre

    I don’t think Jay-Z worships specifically Lucifer, however; I do think he is following some ancient egyptian religion and he knows who Christ is but chooses not to follow him so that does still make his beliefs anti-christ



  • jsobalda

    WOOOOW HAHAH the abstract art thing used because everybody see’s themselves as knowing more than another person so they get ppl who love jay to say to us YOUR JUST IGNORANT AND CAN’T COMPREHEND ART! lol the devil is a liar hahaha and ppl want to believe that lol HEY PPL HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF LYING YES PPL CAN DO IT LOL u act like there word means somthing OF COURSE HE IS GOING TO DENY IT!!! and he knows you will love him and defend him even while he is plotting to kill u lol THE DEVIL IS THE FATHER OF ALL LIES DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU CALL US STUPID!!!!

  • vinyaboo

    jayz.caused beyonce to become a devil worshipper.kayne west is just follow the crowd.and rhianna was ever a devil worshipper .i know that because her uncle is my aunty’s wife.THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND THATS GOD HIMSELF .

  • K Stone

    People understand this. In the rap industry art imagery / symbolism / shadowing is the same thing. a shadow cannot be seen in the dark. It has to be in the light for the shadow to be seen. The shadow does the same thing that the real thing does. In other words, Jay Z and other artist uses imagery to reveal to you what they believe the real thing is. In other words, Satan and demons are real to them, therefore they use imagery ( art, symbolism, shadows ) to reveal to you what is inside of them. Jay Z’s song on to the next one, is a song revealing that he is on to his next level of masonary. He keeps reflecting three to let you know he is trying to move on to the next one. To Jay Z I say ( satan is liar, thief and destroyer. He has lied to you, stole your soul and is seeking to destroy you in eternity in a place called hell )..Christians, Jesus saved Saul who became Paul, He can do the same for this guy.

  • Amber rose – pink and nikki pink , wiz is 4 shades of yellow , no blk . These people don’t even no their on stuff . The ferri a merger the new jupiter car co to form the itia jupiter , and the fos flake a merger to the stage coach financial to form the wellsfargo cereal – their no more john d rockefella hunnie – its – m rockefella now – hellma stillman superman . Financial giant . Born hawk – atl hawk financer . M . I stay around my bbt and wfb towel in atlanta station – their so real et – running the earth so I stay in lite purp and dark purp heat . Hahahahah – u can’t get this – I’m a try get a jet made that a runing and running dash – 999 trillion – miles before 1 second flat . ! ! ! ! ! Oh my bad – I’m slippin a little here – I’m a take the ss chevelle out of the chevy inc – just that one and merger it into the ferri itia too – then form the ferri ss – then I’m a merger the ferri ss into the all new jupiter itia. – u got ckeck this – u want see ss on the new jupiter itia – but on both side of the motor it a have s.& s . And the coupe a be working with about 800hp . This car a start at 1.5 mills and up – j banas and c banas want to sell me something that can remind u of gates . Inc . Micosft . Now that what I can’t wait too see .

  • Joann Jovonda

    Omg…y’all stop with all the nonsense….go mess with sum1 who really does worship satan and stop trying to defame this man…he actually doesn’t owe none of you and explanation but he did so y’all would shut up so do just that and let it go. I fully believe in God and one thing I know is this man has addressed this crazy rumors so leave it that…If you don’t like his videos or songs then don’t watch them or listen to the……simply put….kick rocks!!!

  • Btrum20

    I believe. And for the people who don’t believe just at least have a open mind on it the devil is the master of all lies the media is working together don’t let them steer u wrong just have faith in god .

  • MightyMike27

    Whoever wrote this is ignorant, no disrespect lol do some research. @ 2:11 and 3:50 into the video, clear images of a Baphometh. But what are you gonna do? Either Jay is just fuckin’ with us or he’s a “Puppet” of the Illuminati. PeaCe.