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The Struggle Files: Nikko N Johnny – “NY 2 LA” [VIDEO]


This is the Nikko N Johnny video for “NY 2 LA” that premiered on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta last night. There is so much struggle going on in this video we couldn’t resist commenting. 

Let’s see, first of all, propeller planes have no business in rap videos.

They’re supposed to be dressed like pilots, but Nikko and Johnny look like a pair of flight attendants that have stepped way out of their lane.

Said prop planes get more air time than Mimi Faust, the “star” of the video.

Right now the video has 142 likes and 753 dislikes.

Both these dudes are pushing 40 years old and are dressed like sartorially disinclined teenagers.

We rarely agree with anything Steebie J says, but he was spot on when he said this video is “trash.”

But hey, watch “NY 2 LA” for yourself below and tell us what you think.


Photo: YouTube


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  • dddooonnnttt

    The beat sounds like the ones my little cousin makes it on Fruity Loops.

    • dddooonnnttt

      He’s 12.

  • So, this was Mimi’s big break huh?

    Who produced this beat, that piano playin cat from YøuTube?

    And, what was with the stewardess serving them red bulls and sour patch kids?

    I know he and Nikko may play tickle nuts in their one bedroom apartment at night, but that Johnny Neutron is kinda cute….#shame

  • tabitha

    Weak just horrible why is he wearing wife beater and cut up sweatpants in a video