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Bangin Candy: Puerto Rican & Trinidadian DMV Stunner Lena Chase [PHOTOS]


Our latest Bangin Candy, Lena Chase, is plenty of woman, and we mean that in the best possible way. Her tagline is “more than just a model” and any red-blooded man will take whatever this thick in all the right places honeydip has to offer. 

Lena’s pedigree is official. She is of Puerto Rican, Trinidadian, and Creole descent and stands 5′ 6″ of voluptuousness, measuring in at 36-29-46. The 26-year-old was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and you have nothing to be ashamed of if you just imagined her calling you “Papi.” Currently residing in Washington, DC area, besides modeling, she is also and actress, make-up artist and “image consultant.” We can’t front, we just want to see images of her.

She’s been in rap videos, including a couple from Wale and has appeared in spots like Dynasty Series, Dope and Black Men. Check the following pages for photos Lena Chase.

Photos: Dynasty Series, Tumblr, et al.

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  • grossedoutforreal

    There is nothing attractive about that monster truck in a dress. Uggh!!

    • Mia

      She looks like she was blew up with helium

  • grossedoutforreal

    That’s the lumpiest sack of manure I’ve ever seen! Thanks for ruining my dinner!

  • ShadeThrower

    warehouse candy

    I have nothing against f̶a̶t̶ thick girls but she shouldn’t be parading around in tiny bikinis.
    She just doesn’t look appealing.

    • Dee*MthaFkn*Cee*B!tch

      Thats because dumb niccas be blowin these hoez headz up, tellin them they thick and wanna drink bathwater and other dumb sh!t. Spendin money on them and sh!t.

  • Gorgeous face but let’s just say that if she were to consider a career in pørn, she’d definitely be tagged under BBW

    • Jasmine Williams

      Her face is not gorgeous cut the crap!

      • Calm down Jasmine Williams!

      • JMO

        I have to agree. The only thing attractive about her are her boobs.

      • MooooCow

        I see nipples the size of my palm and sloppy sweaty boobs floppin around omg I feel so sick eew! Under her boobs probably smells like precious.

  • Nikki

    I’m sorry but she is fat, not thick! I’m tired of these so called models claiming they thick when they are two cheeseburgers away from having a double chin….smh

    • lilmissmatched

      These obese women getting lipo in their mid sections and think that instantly makes them BAD. I learned their trick a long time ago. They ain’t fooling anybody but these thirsty men out here.

  • Jasmine Williams


  • Lola

    what does her pedigree is official even mean? Is she registered with the kennel club?

    • thickaint250

      Omg Lola lmfaoooo!!! Bwahhaaa!!

  • LeeLeeC

    Please please please take Trini off that title…

    • noooo man oh gosh

      thx u same thing im saying she’s not trini she was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico..they need to take of that Trinidadian descent we done have to deal with nicki minij and lawdd Trinidad James sigh give us a break smh

  • dnoskeam

    All the women are hatin'(Except for LeeLeeC) and you fake a$$ n***as are lying if you’re claiming she’s not a head turner.

    • photoshopcanthelpher

      She is a head turner cuz she’s 50x a normal womans size. my measurements are 38 26 42. I’m considered thick! I’m trying to lose weight. she weighs 250 boo she would crush u and flip ur car over on its side.

      • Whydid Youblockme


  • Vonnie

    she don’t have a neck!

  • Black Woman and Proud

    I don’t see anything attractive about this lady, not one thing.

  • kai

    They just certified obesity as a disease and here she goes parading around with cellulite in between her legs no muscle toning and photoshop to slim down her arms at shoulder length. Actually all kinna things wrong with this-as a DMV resident who actually owns my house in the DC and a born trini-this is disgraceful.

  • iloverealitytv

    She is FAT not PHAT!

  • Jamal C.

    I would NOT PULL OUT

    • paradisemelon

      And can u afford to feed that thing? Imagine ur grocery bill times 3. And watching ur woman eat herself into an early grave. While ur expected to get off on something that smells like rotten eggs.

  • sheSmellsNastyForSure

    Did anyone get past pic 4? My coffee was coming back up for real. She looks like she has purple chafing between her rolls and thighs. Under her arms everywhere. A human skeleton is not designed to carry all that nastiness

  • lilmissmatched

    I think y’all forgot one of her stats…how much does she weigh??? DAMN…These chicks are so photshopped you wouldn’t even recognize them in person. I can’t imagine all the lumps and craters on her big @ss. ANYbody can be a booty model nowadays. Between the booty injections and photoshop it doesn’t even matter what you actually look like anymore.

  • Trinigyal

    Man i’m not claiming that as a Trini woman!

    • The Beaujetto Socialite

      well how could you anyway if you not even trini

  • Whydid Youblockme

    ….. with that a zz lookin’ like it OD’d on silicon
    …. makes me lose my got d@mn appetite and wonder just how ANGRY GOD IS

  • Kray Zee

    This woman is making little girls think that it’s attractive to be obese and out of shape.

    • The Beaujetto Socialite

      well actually this is beautiful to be well fed and her skin being flawless..the white man attemtps to make us believe that being really little (like little boys) is how it should be..but a woman is body…that what we are..this why the fertility rate is so low among white women–cursed..by their own men.. tis why they don’t age well –because they don’t eat and they don’t moisturize..

  • EddieG

    Well that just goes to show how many of you really don’t know what a real woman is suppose to look like……..real women have CURVES!!!!!

  • jerry bouchet

    You would have to have a big truck to take that monster out

  • The Beaujetto Socialite

    LOL …omg… lol smh poor thang

  • Cory Glover

    Y is she taking pics in a public bathroom?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Layla13

    I am an athlete and a dancer in off time, who still has curves, so nothing against curves, to me, this is not thick, this is obese but to each his own.

  • Lisa61

    I never saw a elephant in spandex before.

  • paul81

    Lol @ chicks hatin in the comments

  • BettyThickums

    The Hills Have Eyes…

  • Bella Jemz

    wow so much hate on this thread I think the hate comes from insecure women who need to convince themseleves and others to not like her so they feel better about themseleves. I noticed that most of the comments are from women typical. Anyone with eyes can see that she is beautiful so what she’s not a size 2 she is far crom obese and isn’t even plus sized ya’ll need to quit for real.