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Baby Daddy Pros: 10 Athletes That Fathered Too Many Damn Kids [PHOTOS]


Professional athletes have it rough. Lonely nights on the road can sometimes lead to late night trysts that result in a new addition to the family. On the flip, ballers and their boo just decide it’s time for a little one.  For example, Dwight Howard is currently chasing the Most Baby Mommas Award, this after news the NBA All-Star’s girlfriend just gave birth to their baby over the weekend.

While we won’t roast Number 12,  rumored to have six children by various women, on his wayward baby-making abilities any further, Hip-Hop Wired takes a look back at 10 other athletes with “more seeds than ODB” as Redman famously rapped. To keep it fair, some of the athletes listed are actually married to the mother of the children. Imagine that.

Photos: Sports Illustrated

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  • homie

    Charlie sheen is a drug addict and only had kids with his wife

  • D Man

    I was surprised to see Muhammad Ali on this list.

  • dingo_egret

    Not going to go through the whole article, but I can imagine there are some horrible baby daddies with plenty of kids. George Foreman should not be on the list…he has a multi-million dollar business and fully supports all of his kids and is probably one of the best dads in the business.