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Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her Ample Chest On Instagram [PHOTOS]


Nicki Minaj partially quenched the thirst of those saying she doesn’t show enough skin on her Instagram account. Yesterday (June 19), the YMCMB rapper shared a revealing photo of herself holding her bare breasts.

If you haven’t skipped ahead yet, the picture in question was posted with the following caption:  “#throwback lmao @scaff_beezy.”

The Scaff Beezy in question will be her longtime boyfriend, who manages to creep up in photos as if he is the rap version of Waldo.

Peep the photos of and some more shots Nick Minaj and her famous rapper buddies like Drake, Big Sean and Juicy J in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram

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  • Buck

    If thats wrong I don’t want to be right.


    Tranny + implants f*cking with music – liberate pop music!

  • Patrick John

    At least she covered the scars from the implants.

  • Rizzo RapZ

    no nips? partial ariola? FAIL!!

  • swaron

    I don’t get it. I seriously do not think this women is attractive at all. Actually, I think she is down right fugly. IMO

    • Greg Nice

      Yr a homosexual right?

  • detwo313

    Something tells me one or more of them dudes hit that nicki minaj was in the pics wit. lol

  • Shaneswife

    Why?? #Ican’t


    Fuc! that fake sh!t, real blackmen love it naturally. MOST BE THE $$$ THATS TURNING THEM ON:-(

  • RTF916

    Aint nobody got… I got time.

  • Mandalore


  • Ray Merlo

    EEEW I just lost my breakfast.

  • Greenmoon

    World’s gone to hell in a handbasket, starting with the US.

  • ashkusher_

    You’re pressured to water your self down even more by taking your clothes off, and you do it? Wow, way to use your brain to think for yourself [sarcasm].. Her eyes reflect such deadness. You look like a fool Onika.

  • ickleberg

    oh my lawdddd

  • WhiteBoySwag


  • mrgg

    How come the ghetto boys get the white ho’s but the ghetto Ho’s can’t get the white men??

  • Lee Warran

    Now she just need a face and lighter color to go with them lungs.

  • Nitrobucket

    half the pics aint showing anything