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The 15 Dumbest Items Now Broke As A Joke Athletes Bought


One of the joys of becoming a professional athlete is the ability to command loads of cash in the flash of a signature. But just as fast as the money comes, a lot of former stars find themselves broke. Without a whole lot of guesswork, it’s safe to assume plenty of bad spending decisions led to their bank account deficits.  To be fair, there are numerous sports greats who have turned their millions into more with sound investments, such as NBA Hall Of Famer Magic Johnson. But for every Magic, there’s someone like Mike Tyson or Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson with a story to tell. Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at 10 formerly wealthy pro athletes and the dumbest items they spent cash on. — Photos: Deadspin, Onlinesports, Reuters

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  • rthomasbarrett@gmail.com

    The grammar and spelling in a lot of these articles is atrocious.

  • Reese

    Spell check and grammar check

  • bigdawgman

    Damn, for $5K a week, you could probably buy a Cheesecake factory franchise!

  • Jay V

    Horrible list.

  • Ahmir

    Allen Iverson has a lifetime contract with Reebok, has a $30 million dollar trust fun set up that he can draw $1 million from annually. Is receiving $750K per year, And as of January was spending about 360K per month. Whoever did this article should be fired. Have you EVER seen a story about Allen Iverson being bankrupt, or just that he didn’t make payments somewhere? Oh and your grammar and spelling is atrocious.

    • jdogg

      Wow. So you must be his lawyer. Also if he makes 750k a year and spends 360k a month he would be in insane debt you smug dumbass

    • jdogg

      Oh and love you telling them to correct grammar. Then type trust “fun”. Typical dipshit

      • Bill

        Do they have fun sets other than those dealing with a trust? A hilarity fun set, although sounding a bit redundant, would be preferable.

    • jdogg

      Epic fail

    • Adam

      Your grammar and spelling ARE atrocious, NOT IS. What is wrong with all you people, geez if you’re going to hate, at least know what the eff you’re talking about.

      • Bill

        If you insist on being that fanatical, “jeez” is not an actual word.

    • detwo313

      Yea Bro he’ll be fine, he set up a trust fund for himself worth a little over 30 million but won’t have access to the 30 million until 2030, which i think was a smart decision , but i understand what you mean. He squandered money as we all have at some point, or some may even still squander. Probably not millions, but there are people who make a lot less that spend just unnecessarily. I mean people by 100 dollars worth of Starbucks , and spend dollar after dollar drinking as well. So people need to quit be so judgmental like everyone doesn’t have faults.

      • Ray C

        I agree. SOME of these purchases might be or seem to be kind of dumb, but the average person is doing the same thing on a smaller scale all the time, Chris Rock’s “put rims on everything” bit for example.

  • Moo5150

    Why was Muhammad on here? He didn’t just piss away his cash on bling, ‘his boys’, and other crap. He lost it in a business venture.

    He tried and went down swinging. Better than most of them.

    • gary311

      That’s a great point. I’m not sure about his whole situation, but if it is how it was explained he at least tried a business. Not the best business, trustworthy business or ethical business – but a business none the less. So many of these guys could have turned their debt into a business venture had they thought it through. Many many fools just have to have a piece of something owned by someone famous.

  • steve

    anyone else notice that most of these guys are black? im certainly not racist but it was a common theme, and also they buy stupid things and spend their money foolishly because they mostly started out poor and then where given way too much money at a time and they arent responsible enough to handle so much, they dont “work” for it as they are just people who play sports. hence why someone like bill gates has billions and billions and it grows more and more because he works for it and is intelligent.

    • Steven Hunter

      They are men,it only matters what race they are to racist! People are tired of the racist crap if it makes you feel good to believe white people are better than blacks so be it. WHITE PEOPLE ARE BETTER THAN BLACK PEOPLE! Are you happy now?

    • Ji

      They do work for it. Alot in fact, The hours spent before you make it honing your skills, and then the great amount of ‘pimping’ being done in the collegiate sports business now with all the marketing of your great players, and not getting a dime. Then even when they make the pros they still have to continually improve. They work extremley hard, They just party extremley harder and are in the news for the negative things most of the times

    • gary311

      It’s a lack of education, not a matter of color of skin. Also, when people surround themselves with “yes men” you can kiss your money goodbye.

  • ron carter

    chad Johnson isn’t broke he still has like 30 mil in da bank get yall facts together

  • Hopefully you people don’t get paid for these “articles”

  • Jason Williams

    dont respect money, then GOD will take it away

  • Jack Waggoner

    $1000 for cable/satellite seems excessive, but a lot of people spend $250 for cable bundles and they earn only a small fraction of what any NBA player makes.



  • rbmeoe

    I guess this goes to show that being a great athlete doesn’t make you intelligent. I have no sympathy for these clowns. It’s their money, they can do with it what they want, But don’t go to the media looking for sympathy from the rest of us that struggle to pay bills and give our kids an education, when you spend enough on cheese cake, cable bills, boats, planes and “posses”, to give any of the rest of us an easy life and our kids a full college education! “Stupid is as stupid does” never applies so well!!!!

  • Ray C

    The only problem with this list is that the majority of these purchases are the primary reason most of these guys are now without money, and some of these guys are also not completely broke.

  • Ray C

    You also have to take into account that some of this is not being foolish with money as much as it is being “ignorant” of the “real cost” of things. It’s not different than someone buying a house with a mortgage that’s about what they paid in rent because they don’t realize there are other cost. Getting a pool installed is the same thing. Some people just think they buy something, and that’s it.