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The Birds: 11 Things We Learned From Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, Ep. 10 [PHOTOS]


On last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta, everyone lost. Yep, every cast member, down to the miscellaneous characters, came off looking like masters of the not so lost recipe of self-sabotage along with a dash of shucking and jiving. The only person that looked sane was Waka Flocka’s mother, Deb Antney.

From jump, Karlie Redd showed off her excellent snitching skills. Joseline Hernandez professed that, surprise, no matter what she was still in love with Steebie. Mind you, Steebie is still trying to his best get back in Mimi Faust’s good graces. This is the same Mimi who claimed to be done with the producer in about 95% of this reality series’ episodes.

We also got to see Scrappy recount his case of the parole officer and the cold urine to his lawyer, watch Ariane try to unite Mimi with K.Michelle in the most in appropriate of setting and witness Traci maintain her struggle of trying to make Eric Dixon and Shay play nice. The saving grace of the episode was Deb Antney trying to talk some sense into Rasheeda. But hey, Kirk still ain’t sh-t, though.

Peep the 11 Things We Learned From Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta episode 10 on the following page.

Photo: VH1

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  • Tenia

    Traci bugs the hell out of me. You ruin your 7 years ago ex boyfriends relationships with other women just for you to go out on a date with somebody else? Messy

    • She didn’t ruin his relationships because Drew has yet to be in a serious relationship.

      • Tenia

        his relations….:) You never know he may have wanted to have a relationship with one of those girls but Traci was quick to block, call girls out their names and want to fight. She seemed desperate. He clearly didn’t want her but she went out her way to put a stop to any wooing he was trying to do and then to add insult to injury she has a date with another man…. her actions seem bipolar

      • And so do his because every time he sees her with another man he flips out worse than she does

      • Tenia

        which episode?

  • EvilA

    I hate that I watch this show, but I cannot stop!