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Referee Kills Soccer Player In Brazil, Gets Beheaded [PHOTOS]



Suspect Luiz Moraes Souza has been arrested.

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  • bigdawgman

    Wow, he really lost his head over that punch….

  • Kll Vanh

    Crazy People !!

  • Brenda Starr

    Why post this?

  • iguess

    Im not looking at any of that… who needs to see those type of sick photos?

    • flyer27

      shut up doofus

  • Dode vos

    WC here we come!

  • The Rock


  • Troker

    Overreaction on ALL sides

    • Norman Dostal

      naw-the ref deserved death

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    Good luck Olympic Athletes and Referees in 2016.

  • tt

    and people in the states are always talking about how great brazil is. i’ve only known it to be an extremely racist, class driven, dangerous country.

    • Barbara

      First of all Brasillian aren’t half as racist as most Americans! Every country is class driven. And dangerous?! Everyday hundreds of people are getting kidnaped in America, raped, killed and or beaten up. Over the past 2 years we (america) have had more killings and murders incidents then ever! This is the first real HUGE horrific thing that has been done in brasil in such a public display. I can’t possibly see how you “KNOW” anything about brasil when you are obviously either 1)misinformed or 2) uneducated! Either way I would sujest you fix that before making such judgment. Specially when America isn’t looking too good now A days.

      • tt

        shut up dweeb! i stand by what i say. now, i’m done w/you!!!

  • Why did they suture him back together?
    Seems like a waste of resources.

  • mini-me

    props to these nurses. Duck tape should of been used.

  • Tawana Jordan

    this is shocking but what was this referee thinking killing this soccer player on the field like that he was wrong, the family on the other side are no joke they sliced this guys head, legs and arm omg!! that’s crazy i am really speechless these are people not cattle god take the wheel on this one!!

  • Dominique Cox-Harris

    This is just the mom in me … But this is why, our children are so Violent and desensitize. Yes you said Monitor, all children Internet usage. But the most Diligent parent is allowed a off day. One mistake, one nap, without locking up the lap top or iPad and this is what your kid could be looking at. Wow I understand, what the point of the video… Is their a reason, for it ? Anyone know?

    • Norman Dostal

      come on, dummy-this has nothing to do with your poor parenting skills

      • Dominique Cox-Harris

        No no no, no name calling and no talking trash about my parenting.. Things will get real, real fast …. Lets keep it cute or call me a bad parent to my face …. And I just asked a question as to why, what they are doing to the body had to be filmed, answer that question if you can… Instead of Insulting me, about something you know nothing about. But I take VERY Seriously

  • moomoopork

    This article isn’t written correctly. The player attacked first the referee was “defending” himself. He was not murderous or did not intend for the player to die. The actions after this event were no better than the fight. This is not justice this is Satan at his best. I don’t feel sorry for the family after their actions, it’s no wonder their son had a violent attitude about solving problems.

    • Norman Dostal

      wrong dumdum-the ref had a weapon-the player did not-the ref killed, the player was murdered-the ref deserved death

      • zed

        No dostal dumdumdum. The ref had a knife and only used it in self defense when the player attacked him 1st. If player would not have attacked ref, ref would not have pulled blade. But that dosnt matter cause they are both dead now. Brazilians are savages and most have no value for human life.

  • corncobs

    I wonder how they react to rape victims of the players?

  • Kirk

    wt…f are the doing?? Are they trying to sow him back together??? wtf…for?

  • Norman Dostal

    the ref deserved to die for killing so no big deal

  • hmmmmm

    I absolutely hate the way this article has been written. It’s an absolute tragedy what happened, an epic fail in humanity, especially in the 21st century. From the very first sentence, the writer talks about it like it’s just some movie, glorifying the violence with bold text, and words like “gruesome” and “when they were done with him”, all the while very insensitive to the fact that two real young men have died in a horrific way for absolutely nothing.

  • Dominique Palmer

    Stuff like this and the rapper getting shot on stage is the reason why people in Brazil are saying don’t visit Brazil any time soon.

  • Paul Jaramillo

    What kind of backwards nation is Brazil? Cutting heads off, I thought they only did this in the Middle east. You couldn’t pay me to go to the Olympics in 2016, where people get their heads cutoff, not in a civilized society.