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2 Dead, 181 Injured In Crash Landing At San Francisco International Airport [PHOTOS]


An Asiana Airlines aircraft crash landed at San Francisco International Airport Saturday (July 6) killing two people, and injuring 181. The plane was returning from South Korea.

One passenger happened to be Samsung Executive Davi Eun, who tweeted about the crash writing “Tail ripped off. most everyone seems fine. i’m ok. Surreal.”

From USA Today:

 There were 307 on board, including 16 crew. Officials said 123 escaped without injury and 181 were hospitalized or treated for injuries. Among the injured, 49 are in serious condition and five at San Francisco General Hospital, including a child, remain in critical condition. Among the 47 others at San Francisco General, several were treated for minor injuries, including fractures and abrasions, and were released Saturday night.

“It was all over in 10 seconds,” says Vedpa Singh, who suffered a fractured collarbone. “We heard a big bang, and it was over.”

The cause of the crash has not been determined, but the FBI has ruled out terrorism. The Boeing 777 appeared to have touched down tail-first and short of the runway. A sheered off tail section rested several hundred feet from the main body of the aircraft, and debris from the plane littered the runway. Passenger Janghyung Lee told USA TODAY that the aircraft rattled wildly before landing.

The two people who died in the crash were found outside the heavily damaged jetliner. Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White said late Saturday that she did not know the ages or genders of the victims.

Authorities from the National Tranpsortation Safety Board, and the Federal Aviation Administration are looking for the cause of the crash. The plane’s “black box,” which records conversations in the cockpit, has been recovered. “Everything is still on the table,” NTSB Chariman Deborah Hersman said on Sunday’s Meet the Press. “It’s really important to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.”

Facebook COO  Sheryl Sandberg, used her social media platform to share that she was supposed to be on the plane, but changed flights at the last minute. The website, accused Sandberg of  using “disaster as publicity.”


Photo: Reuters/Path

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